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12 Things To Do in Tottori Prefecture

The least populated prefecture in Japan does not lose out to other prefectures when it comes to sightseeing and fun to be had. Tottori Prefecture is perhaps one of the most unique travel experiences y...

Travel Chugoku onsen (hot springs) / sento (public baths) food and drink sakura cherry blossoms

Hirosaki City: Cherry Blossoms and Apples in Aomori-ken

Hirosaki produces the most apples in Japan’s apple heaven, Aomori Prefecture. But be it apples or sights of wonder, Hirosaki has much to offer like popular cherry blossom viewing spots Hirosaki ...

Travel Tohoku temples / shrines food and drink sakura cherry blossoms

Visiting the Most Active Volcano in Japan, Sakurajima

Japan’s landscapes carry a gentle aura often associated with its polite society. However, by nature every card has a flip side. In contrast with the softness of sakura petals, and the lively col...

Travel History and Religion nature / outdoors summer sakura cherry blossoms onsen (hot springs) / sento (public baths) Kyushu

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Season: The most popular spots to see sakura in Tokyo

If it’s your first cherry blossom season in Tokyo, these are the places to be! Anyone living in Tokyo has been to many of the following places, since they are considered “teiban” - t...

Travel spring sakura cherry blossoms nature / outdoors festivals / events

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