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What’s My Number Card in Japan? What’s it for and how do I get one?

My Number Card (マイナンバーカード) is a form of ID in Japan. In this article, we explain the benefits you can enjoy with a My Number Card, how to apply for one, and answer some frequently asked questions abou...

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Visa Renewal in Japan Just Got Easier: Renew Online with a My Number Card

As a foreign resident in Japan, “Status of Residence” or “Visa Status” is very important. For a long time now, foreign residents have had to make trips to immigration for &ldqu...

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Your Guide to Visa Extension in Japan

So you have a visa to stay in Japan, whether it be a tourist visa, work visa, family visa, etc. And you’ve decided you want to stay for longer and you want to extend the period of stay on your v...

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Japan Cultural Activities Visa: A Way to Study Japanese Traditions

Japan is known for its wealth of cultural activities and opportunities to partake in them, both on a daily basis and in special occasions. This led to a special visa that allows foreigners from differ...

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