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Work While You Study: Top Part Time Jobs for International Students in Japan

“What part time job should I get…?” is the question international students in Japan worry over when looking to work between studies in Japan. In this article, we introduce some part...

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Pathways to study hotel management in Japan

The hotel industry in Japan is rapidly growing because of the expanding tourism influx to the country. As the demands for hotel services constantly grow, the need for skilled workers in the sector is ...

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Guide to Learning Japanese in language schools in Japan

Japan responds to globalization by opening its doors to foreigners. The Japanese language takes a new role for people coming in to take part in the various aspects of life in Japan. Thus, language sch...

Study Japanese language school professional/vocational school

Taking up an Influential pursuit: Study Graphic Design in Japan

Who wouldn’t recognize the prevalence of graphic designs nowadays? The emergence of multimedia arts allowed the entry of various discourse when it came to arts like graphic design. The existing ...

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New Class of Style Icons: Study Fashion Design in Japan

Japan has made its marks globally in all aspects of fashion. It continuously influences the fashion-forward youth, molding its own style of fashion, concepts playing critical roles in today's tren...

Study salary/bonus fashion entrance exam for international students / EJU professional/vocational school

Study Music in Top Music Schools, Colleges and Programs in Japan

Music plays a key role in life which is why many people want to pursue a career in music. Japan is home to some great music schools and programs. Venturing between the mix of traditional and modern, t...

Study scholarship professional/vocational school salary/bonus

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