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Understanding Japanese Culture through Tatami

Tatami (畳) are an essential part of Japan’s culture. They are a must in every traditional Japanese room. In older Japanese homes, all the rooms or at least one is tatami-laid. While used less in...

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Sunshine City: Where Tokyo Comes to Play

Come to Sunshine City, a complex designed with being “a city within a city” in mind. From business, to shopping, dining, theatre, and even a hotel, you can spend a whole day right in the h...

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Movers in Japan: How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving in Japan could be difficult especially for foreign nationals because of the language barrier and various strict rules about moving from place to place. In this article, we will focus on the mov...

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Guide for Hunting Apartments to rent in Japan

Property is very expensive in Japan, and renting is the next best thing to owning one. Efficient spending helps save for a future home, and so here are the basics and things that you must know if you ...

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