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Kaomoji: Express yourself through Japanese Emoticons

Emoticons are typically used by people, not just in Japan but around the world, to express themselves creatively and to add clarifying features to the conversation. With hundreds of different emoticon...

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Using Translation Apps for Japanese to English and Vice Versa

Communication can be sometimes problematic especially if an individual isn’t that proficient with a language. However, thanks to the emergence of machine translators, people now have access to v...

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Traveling in Japan: Best Apps for Visitors and Tourists

Traveling in Japan can be overwhelming for both new and frequent visitors. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that will address your tourist needs from communication, transportation, accommodation rese...

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Does Hulu, Netflix, Spotify or Tinder Work in Japan? What about Uber? A Short Guide to Popular Services & Their Availability in Japan

You’re going to Japan for vacation or work but you’re worried you won’t be able to access certain things while away from home. And are there any differences between the service in yo...

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