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Your Guide to Visa Extension in Japan

So you have a visa to stay in Japan, whether it be a tourist visa, work visa, family visa, etc. And you’ve decided you want to stay for longer and you want to extend the period of stay on your v...

Life residence status visa residence card immigration procedure

Becoming a Japanese Citizen, All You’ll Need to Know

Naturalization is the next step if you’re intending to stay in Japan for the rest of your life. There are many things you should know before taking this big step. The very first being what natur...

Life permanent residence passport immigration procedure

Movers in Japan: How to Choose the Best Moving Company

Moving in Japan could be difficult especially for foreign nationals because of the language barrier and various strict rules about moving from place to place. In this article, we will focus on the mov...

Life real estate & accomodation immigration procedure

Japan Embassy: Your First Step to Japan

Japan is a country open to the world, especially to its neighboring nations. Initially, one must get a visa from a Japanese Embassy in their area. Aside from this, they provide a lot of other services...

Other visa immigration procedure

How to Apply for Scholarships in Japan Using Embassy Recommendation

Scholarships can help students a lot with their financial troubles, enabling them to be more effective in their studies. Scholarships in Japan have many benefits, but students are often discouraged be...

Study university/graduate school scholarship immigration procedure

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