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Hirosaki City: Cherry Blossoms and Apples in Aomori-ken

Hirosaki produces the most apples in Japan’s apple heaven, Aomori Prefecture. But be it apples or sights of wonder, Hirosaki has much to offer like popular cherry blossom viewing spots Hirosaki ...

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Tohoku Region: the Wonders of Nature

Tohoku Region lies north of Japan’s main island. Tourism is the Tohoku area’s bread and butter thanks to its wondrous natural beauty. Sightseeing cruises, skiing adventures, observatories,...

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Tohoku’s Hidden Gem: Akita International University

Akita International University has been recognized in Japan as well as in the world despite being a ‘newcomer’ as compared to other established universities in the country. Established in ...

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Fukushima, the Land on the Road to Recovery

Fukushima is a beautiful prefecture with numerous panoramic sceneries, from tranquil blue lakes, volcanoes, historic samurai cities to exuberant greenery. Go on the unique tour of the aftermath of Fuk...

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Akita: Homeland of Japan's Loyal Pup

Akita is a coastal prefecture located in northern Honshu of Japan. The natural resource abundant prefecture is a popular tourist spot with several attractions, including an ancient samurai district, h...

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The Weather Forecast of Japan Across Seasons and Cities

Japan’s climate is summarized into four seasons, with conditions distinctive on each side of the country - whether it be up north in Hokkaido or down south in Okinawa, or on the Pacific side or ...

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Integrating education and research at Tohoku University

Photo Credit: Clauxz, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons The upward trajectory of globalization poses a new set of challenges for innovation. Tohoku University in Japan leads the way in ensuring the acad...

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Skiing and Ski Resorts for Beginners in Japan: A Guide

Japan has some of the world's best ski resorts and the best snow. Because of this, ski season attracts both amateur and professional skiers alike. If you are a beginner, there are a lot of ski res...

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