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Shuri Castle, Ryukyu Kingdom Heritage

Shuri Castle is an architectural relic of the now long gone Ryukyu Kingdom. Having suffered several rounds of destruction and reconstruction over the years, it was completely burnt down not too long a...

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Ishigaki Island, Not Just A Transport Hub to Smaller Okinawa Islands

Ishigaki Island in Okinawa is the main island and access point to reaching the other Yaeyama Islands. It is a great place to enjoy underwater activities like diving and snorkeling with abundant coral ...

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Yonaguni, Japan’s Westernmost Island

Yonaguni is the furthest west island of Japan, so much so that Taiwan can be seen from the Island. From abundant marine life, historical sites, unexplainable mysteries beneath the sea, the world&rsquo...

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The Former Ryukyu Kingdom: From the Beautiful Shores to the Kitchen of Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Prefecture is located in the south of Japan. It is a historic place that has witnessed the battles of World War II. This island chain with subtropical climate is the birthplace of Ka...

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The Weather Forecast of Japan Across Seasons and Cities

Japan’s climate is summarized into four seasons, with conditions distinctive on each side of the country - whether it be up north in Hokkaido or down south in Okinawa, or on the Pacific side or ...

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