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Tips to Learning Japanese: Find Out the Best and Most Efficient Ways to Learn Japanese

Learning Japanese from scratch can be difficult for native English speakers. In this article, we explain why exactly Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn and most importantly what’s...

Japanese How to study Japanese

Learn Hiragana & Katakana, the Basic Japanese Characters or Japanese Alphabet

Hiragana, followed by Katakana, is the first thing you learn as a beginner Japanese learner. In this article, we help you out from the frontlines of Japanese learning, guiding you through hiragana and...

Japanese Hiragana Katakana How to study Japanese

50 Common Japanese Phrases We Hear and Use Every Day

If you live in Japan, there are certain words & phrases that we hear and use every day. Here’s a list of 50 of them, all of which are necessary to know to get by and for smooth communication...

Japanese N3 How to study Japanese Speaking

15 Recommendations for Learning Japanese with Anime

Even amongst the Japanese, there are those who especially love anime. Not only is anime fun to watch, but it can help you study Japanese. By watching anime that matches your Japanese language level, y...

Japanese How to study Japanese manga & anime

Career in Japan: Becoming an Accountant

Are you an aspiring accountant, or perhaps a qualified accountant, looking to work in Japan? Starting a career in a different country can be stressful, especially when encountering the unknown. To pre...

Work How to study Japanese job hunting

Overview of the Annual Entrance Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students

University entrance exams may be the start of the dream; thus one should be ready for the entrance exam of Japan. Preparation for the EJU is key for international students, and we must do all that we ...

Study university/graduate school entrance exam for international students / EJU How to study Japanese aptitude test

A Gratifying Role in Society: Caregiver Work and Jobs in Japan

Some of us are born to lead, but some are born to help others, and these people take great joy in it. Caregiving jobs are prominent in Japan, crucial to taking care of the aging population that laid a...

Work How to study Japanese job hunting

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