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Arigatou and More: How to Say Thank You in Japanese in All Types of Situations

Did you know that there are many different phrases for "thank you" in Japanese? They vary depending on the formality of the situation and your relationship with the person. Also, i...

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San? Kun? Chan? Learn Which Japanese Suffix You Should Use to Call Someone

You may be confused by the many titles or suffixes attached to the end of Japanese names. -san, - chan, - kun, -sama ? Which one should you use? Why are they not used sometimes? It really depends on y...

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Studying the Japanese Language: Make a phrasebook and other tips

Studying a language to achieve a conversational level can take a few months to a year, and even longer to master a language. The key to any long-term endeavor is starting early, and to start with the ...

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How to Say Sorry in Japanese: in a culture that apologizes for everything

In Japan, people often apologize for many things. It doesn’t mean we are always personally in the wrong but rather, it shows awareness in our part in an interaction. Whether you are apologizing ...

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