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All About Roppongi Hills

Japan never disappoints when it comes to natural beauty or architecture, and sometimes you can experience both in one place! Roppongi Hills is one such man-made urban beauty lying in the center of Tok...

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Sunshine City: Where Tokyo Comes to Play

Come to Sunshine City, a complex designed with being “a city within a city” in mind. From business, to shopping, dining, theatre, and even a hotel, you can spend a whole day right in the h...

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Japan Culture: Understanding Japanese Blood Type Personalities

Similar to the Western horoscopes, the Japanese believe that a person’s personality is connected in some way to their blood type. Are you curious about what your blood type says about you? Let&r...

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The Anime Industry: Becoming an Animator in Japan

The anime industry is booming, even more now thanks to streaming services around the world. With wider access to the once difficult-to-find medium of entertainment, people are becoming more interested...

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Knowing About Japanese Animation and where to start

Japanese animation, more popularly known as “anime”, is famous worldwide for its unique artstyle. Be it earth-shaking action, or romantic settings, there are different genres for each kind...

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Best Anime Events in Tokyo

If you are a fan of Japan and all things about anime interests you, then this list is for you! Tokyo hosts many events related to the anime culture, making it the holy ground any anime fan from around...

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Real Life Places that Transpired in Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul took the world by storm with its fast-paced story, presenting both physical and moral struggles. The settings from the famous anime and manga were actually inspired by real-life places. Kn...

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