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What to Do in Tokyo: Plans By Area and Purpose

First time to Tokyo? Been quite a few times? We came up with an extensive list of things to do in Tokyo, explorable by area, purpose, as well as a general transportation guide. Whether you’re a ...

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Intro to Japanese Dramas: Format, Genres, Recommendations and Where to Watch Jdrama

Whether you have a favorite actor or want to be entertained while learning Japanese or about Japan, Japanese dramas are an amazing resource for entertainment and cultural understanding. Yet they&rsquo...

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Get Your Cat Fix with Anime About Cats

Header Image: ©こなみかなた・講談社/こねこのチー製作委員会 Not sure what to watch next in your long list of planned to watch anime? Why not something about cats? In this article, we introduce anime about cats,...

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The Magic of Cherry Magic: A review of how the manga to the live action drama and movie captured the world

Header Image: Cherry Maho the Movie Official Website The Cherry Magic movie is finally here and fans have been anxiously waiting for the continuation of the hit drama! Want to know what Cherry Ma...

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Seppuku & Harakiri, An In-depth Explanation to Samurai Ritual Suicide

Seppuku & Harakiri are easily explained as the samurai method of committing suicide, but what does it actually signify? In this article, we explain what the difference is between seppuku & har...

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Why “Drive My Car” is so Internationally Acclaimed

Header Image: Drive My Car Official Website Drive My Car, a film directed by Hamaguchi Ryusuke, has already won many prestigious awards starting off with a Cannes Best Screenplay award and an Aca...

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Afraid of the Dark? Famous Japanese Horror Movies

There are many ways individuals can entertain themselves, and watching a scary horror flick is just one of them! Japan tops the list in movies that will scare you and haunt you long after you turn off...

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