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Exploring Japan Pop Culture: Music, Idols, Youtubers, KAWAII, Otaku Culture, Karaoke and more!

Japan may be famous for its traditional culture but its modern culture is just as popular. In this article, we explore what Japanese pop culture includes. Not just common ones frequently featured in s...

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8 Reasons to Check Out Karaoke in Japan

Karaoke is one of the many fun activities you can try while visiting or living in Japan. There's a whole culture around karaoke in Japan. And there're ways to enjoy karaoke even if y...

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Anisong, The Key to Beautiful Anime: 10 Anime Songs You Should Know & 10 Anime About Music

High quality music is one of the qualities that characterises anime. Anime songs include not just opening and ending songs, there’s also soundtrack and more which we will cover in this article. ...

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Japanese Idols, The J-idol Culture, and Who You Should Know

K-pop idols have become a global phenomenon, but how about Japanese idols who have been around for just as long if not longer? We take a look at J-idols, what the idol and fandom culture is like, as w...

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J-pop: Defining Japanese Pop Music, its Genres, and Songs & Artists You Need to Know

J-pop is hard to define - but if you look at the long list of genres that fall under J-pop, the reason becomes clear. And why hasn’t it become more popular internationally? We explore all of the...

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Kabuki, Noh, Buyo and Other Japanese Traditional Dance Performing Arts

There are many types of traditional Japanese culture. In this article, we’ll be exploring the performing arts category with a focus on traditional dances like kagura and noh. Also, a look into m...

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Kabuki, A Fine Representative of Japanese Traditional Arts

A male only dance drama, Kabuki has been in Japan since the 17th century. Originating from a shrine maiden, it has a fascinating background. Along with Noh and Bunraku, it is one of the most important...

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Noh, Masked Actors & Historical Plays Meet in This Traditional Japanese Performing Art

Noh is one of the oldest forms of dance theatre not just in Japan but in the world. Its most notable characteristic, the Noh mask, can look creepy to some but learning more about the art of Noh, its h...

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