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The Weather Forecast of Japan Across Seasons and Cities

Japan’s climate is summarized into four seasons, with conditions distinctive on each side of the country - whether it be up north in Hokkaido or down south in Okinawa, or on the Pacific side or ...

Life spring summer autumn winter nature / outdoors Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kansai Okinawa

Visiting the Most Active Volcano in Japan, Sakurajima

Japan’s landscapes carry a gentle aura often associated with its polite society. However, by nature every card has a flip side. In contrast with the softness of sakura petals, and the lively col...

Travel History and Religion nature / outdoors summer sakura cherry blossoms onsen (hot springs) / sento (public baths) Kyushu

Take Advantage of the Heat! Summer Part-time Jobs in Japan

Summertime in Japan has various fun events that attract tourists and locals alike. Establishments may need extra hands and open part-time positions to those who want to earn extra yen, especially to s...

Work residence status job hunting part-time job summer entrance exam for international students / EJU

Japan and its Seasons: Amazing year-round

So you want to visit Japan but you’re not sure when to? Japan is famous for its distinctive four seasons and what they have to offer. Here’s a general guide of what Japan is like in each s...

Travel spring summer autumn winter nature / outdoors

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