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Takaragawa Onsen: The Luxury of Bathing and of Nature's Canvass

Takaragawa Onsen is one of the highest recommended hot springs in Gunma Prefecture. Enveloped by nature, the onsen makes a picturesque and relaxing scene. They also offer a unique mixed gender bath ex...

Travel onsen (hot springs) / sento (public baths) Kanto nature / outdoors autumn

Tohoku Region: the Wonders of Nature

Tohoku Region lies north of Japan’s main island. Tourism is the Tohoku area’s bread and butter thanks to its wondrous natural beauty. Sightseeing cruises, skiing adventures, observatories,...

Travel winter Tohoku nature / outdoors autumn

The Weather Forecast of Japan Across Seasons and Cities

Japan’s climate is summarized into four seasons, with conditions distinctive on each side of the country - whether it be up north in Hokkaido or down south in Okinawa, or on the Pacific side or ...

Life spring summer autumn winter nature / outdoors Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kansai Okinawa

Autumn in Japan: Famous Festivals and Momijigari

Japan's autumn is best known for the beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange found in the leaves. The foliage of the autumn trees, along with the comfortable weather, make it a fantastic time ...

Culture food and drink autumn nature / outdoors festivals / events

Japan and its Seasons: Amazing year-round

So you want to visit Japan but you’re not sure when to? Japan is famous for its distinctive four seasons and what they have to offer. Here’s a general guide of what Japan is like in each s...

Travel spring summer autumn winter nature / outdoors

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