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Tohoku Region: the Wonders of Nature

Tohoku Region lies north of Japan’s main island. Tourism is the Tohoku area’s bread and butter thanks to its wondrous natural beauty. Sightseeing cruises, skiing adventures, observatories,...

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Winter Highlights of Sapporo: Snow and Beer

Sapporo, the metropolis of the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan, embodies popular events and spots tourists shouldn’t wait to visit. And while it’s a great city year-round, it’s ex...

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Sapporo Snow Festival: A Magical Winter Experience

The famous Sapporo Snow Festival or Yuki Matsuri, is held annually during the coldest season of Japan. The event is held in three different locations and highlights various activities from day to nigh...

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Niseko: The Town of Snow Adventures and Thrills!

You may wonder why we are introducing a ski resort. Well actually, Niseko is the name of a town located in Hokkaido, not just the ski resort. There are many other ski resorts there as well as other no...

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The Weather Forecast of Japan Across Seasons and Cities

Japan’s climate is summarized into four seasons, with conditions distinctive on each side of the country - whether it be up north in Hokkaido or down south in Okinawa, or on the Pacific side or ...

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Skiing and Ski Resorts for Beginners in Japan: A Guide

Japan has some of the world's best ski resorts and the best snow. Because of this, ski season attracts both amateur and professional skiers alike. If you are a beginner, there are a lot of ski res...

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Rewarding and Exciting Work at Ski Resorts in Japan

Snowy regions in Japan are famous for their ski resorts, and for a good reason! Japan is known for having some of the best snow in the world. Thus, jobs at Japanese ski resorts are popular because of ...

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Japan and its Seasons: Amazing year-round

So you want to visit Japan but you’re not sure when to? Japan is famous for its distinctive four seasons and what they have to offer. Here’s a general guide of what Japan is like in each s...

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