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Jobs in Japan for foreigners

All Partnered Job Consulting Agencies


    Multiple IT Jobs! Interview preparation and document review included!

    License No.13-ユ-040590


    • More than 50,000 available jobs!
    • Online consultations available!
    • International and bilingual consultants!
    • Remote work jobs
    • Supports English, Korean, and Vietnamese!

    WORKPORT GLOBAL PARTNERS Career Consultation

  • 151A

    Foreign National Specialist Recruiting Agent

    License No.13-ユ-311675

    151A Strengths

    • Recruiting Agent Specializing in Europe & America
    • Clients are mainly venture companies in Tokyo and foreign-affiliated jobs
    • VISA and housing follow-up support after succesful employment
    • No Japanese Required Jobs Available
    • Online consultations available!

    151A Career Consultation

  • Jobs Nippon

    English Speaker in Demand! High job availability for Native English Speakers!

    License No.13-ユ-300003

    Jobs Nippon Strengths

    • High English Instructor Jobs Availability!
    • Japanese/English Coordination Possible
    • High Nationwide Job Availability
    • No Japanese Required Jobs Available
    • Recommended for English education related job applicants!

    Jobs Nippon Career Consultation

  • MyNavi Global

    We can introduce a wide range of specific skills, technical, humanities, and international jobs!

    License No.13-ユ-310885

    MyNavi Global Strengths

    • From specific skills to IT engineering, a wide range of job introductions are possible!
    • In-house Vietnamese and English support coordinators.
    • Specific Skill Certification Support Available!
    • Visa Consultation / Visa Change Support Available!
    • Online consultations available!

    MyNavi Global Career Consultation

  • Globish Career

    Overseas Job Introductions Available! Pick a career change style that suits you best!

    License No.13-ユ-305826

    Globish Career Strengths

    • Global Jobs
    • Bilingual Jobs
    • Japanese Communication Level Jobs
    • Overseas Employment Support
    • Phone / Remote Work Consultation

    Globish Career Career Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job consulting agency?

Job consulting agencies are agencies partnered with WeXpats to support people with their job search They'll introduce jobs that are perfect for you, and help prepare you for the interview. And of course, it's free.

What happens after I apply to consult with an agency?

The process flow is as follows:
After a simple consultation, the agency will introduce jobs that fit your needs right away.
You can even ask for advice like interview strategies to easily find a job right away.

①Register for WeXpats Jobs and apply for a job consulting agency
②The consulting agency will contact you for a phone consultation
③The consultant will look for jobs that match your needs
④The consultant will suggest jobs that they found
⑤If there's a job you're interested in, the consultant will set up an interview
⑥If you're nervous before the interview, you can ask the consultant for interview practice or advice
⑦Go for the interview
⑧The consultant will provide feedback and such from the company to you and advise you on next steps
⑨Get a job offer!


In order to apply for a job, you must fill out all profile information.

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