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Introducing positions that are a match for you. Full support with interview preparations.

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Consult with JELLYFISH about your job search

Strengths of JELLYFISH

  • Many types of engineer jobs from a wide range of companies including start-ups and big corporations.
  • Many positions with annual income 5~15 million yen, and salary increase to 20 million yen
  • English support available with our foreign national / bilingual team
  • No Japanese required positions available!
  • Many remote work positions available

JELLYFISH Characteristics

  • Number of Jobs

    Over 20,000

    Target Age Range

    20s to 40s (60s and above, limited jobs available)

  • Area

    Nationwide Japan International Jobs: Southeast Asia Certain Territories

    Fresh Graduates Acceptance

    No Fresh Graduates (Job Changers only)

  • Languages Supported

    English, Chinese, Japanese

  • Japanese Level Requirements

    Depending on job, no Japanese may be possible

  • Jobs Available

    IT Engineer (Backend, frontend, mobile, AI, data scientist, BrSE, PM, etc...)

Consult with JELLYFISH about your job search

Introduction to JELLYFISH

A good agency for foreign national engineers to consult about changing jobs.
Rest assured, no unsuitable jobs will be recommended to you. As a plus, experienced consultants, including foreign nationals, are available to discuss everything from your engineer career to even life troubles.
We are an agency that offers not just job changing support, but has communities and events for foreign national engineers as well.
Please try our service!

Greetings from Consultants

Are you doing what you like right now? Are you able to gain new skills, and take on challenges?

We at JELLYFISH are a career change agency for foreign national engineers. Due to language barriers and cultural differences, changing jobs in Japan is not easy for foreign nationals. Also, what you really want to do and what you should do for your next job is difficult to decide by yourself.
Here's where we come in, listening to each and all your needs and introducing jobs to help build your future career. Professional support for Japanese-style interviews, resume and more are also provided.

Please feel free to contact us!

Voices from Successful Career Changers

Aged 30 Bridge Engineer (Vietnamese) N2

It was great to receive introductions to well-suited jobs, as well as thorough preparation for interviews.

Aged 28 Fullstack Engineer (Indian) N3

JELLYFISH's consultants were not just professional, they were friendly as well which made for a wonderful experience.

Consult with JELLYFISH about your job search


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