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What is it like working as an English teacher?

An English teacher will be teaching Japanese people who want to learn English. You might be working as an irregular or regular teacher at a junior high school or high school, or perhaps be in charge of a course at a cram school or eikaiwa (English conversation) school. If you like young children, we recommend jobs where you can teach English to young children, such as becoming an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) at an elementary school or teaching classes at a preschool.
It's a job that's in high demand as Japan becomes more internationalized and children begin learning English at a younger age.
You can also find time to study Japanese while working part-time at an English conversation school.

What are the benefits of working as an English teacher?

The benefits of working as an English teacher are:
1. You can use your English skills at work.
2. Even if it's an irregular job, the pay per hour is high.
3. Many places to work even with low Japanese skills.
Working as an English teacher is one of the best jobs through which you can use your English skills. Other jobs using English include sales and translation positions at Japanese companies that have overseas branches, but in comparison, many more teaching jobs are available to those who have low Japanese skills.
The average pay per hour for an English teacher is 1100 yen to 1800 yen, and if you teach English at an IT company to its employees, you could make an annual salary of 6 million yen.
Since it's a job that requires interacting with many people, we recommend it to people who love communicating with others.

What's the average annual salary for English teachers?

It depends on the job, but the following figures are the general standard.
Full-time junior high or high school teacher 4~6 million yen annually
Part-time junior high or high school teacher 100,000~150,000 yen monthly (depends on number of classes)
English conversation school teacher Hourly wage starting at 1100 yen ~
Elementary school ALT About 1500 yen hourly, 280,000 to 300,000 yen monthly
The highest paid are full-time junior high or high school teachers, but a high level of Japanese is required as well.
Many English conversations schools don't require a high level of Japanese to apply, and the hourly rates tend to be higher than many other part-time jobs, so we recommend it for those wanting to use English for work.

You can work as an English teacher online as well.
There are jobs where you can work completely remotely at online English conversation schools.

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