Recommend a Friend Promotional Campaign

Recommend a Friend Promotional Campaign


150,000 yen

Your chance to get a gift!

Both of you will receive it!!


Campaign Period:2020/5/1〜2020/5/31

What is the Recommend A Friend Promotional Campaign?

If your friend that you recommended us to gets a job through WeXpats Jobs and gets their first salary, both you and your friend will be gifted 3000 yen as part of this campaign.

Why are we doing this Recommend a Friend Campaign?

We prepared a gift to say thank you to you for recommending us to your friends as well as to congratulate those friends for getting a job.

In order to apply, one must register as a member or log-in

How do I participate in this promotional campaign?

You can participate by copying the invitation code and sharing it on your social media.

WeXpats Jobs wants to be responsible and support people throughout the employment process, so we will gift you the present after your friend receives their first salary. We appreciate your understanding.

To receive the gift money

  • Recommend our service

    Copy the code from "Copy the Invitation Code and share it on your social media" and share it with your friends via group chat or social media

  • After your friend registers as a member, apply to jobs that fall under the promotional campaign

    Find part-time jobs that you're interested in and apply.

  • Get your first pay

    Get hired by the company on the job ad and get your first salary!

    Get the necessary paperwork from your company to apply to the promotional campaign.

    ※Check the application details for more information

  • Apply from your account's My Page

    Log in or sign up for a new account and apply from My Page

    ※The application period for the gift money is within 120 days of registering membership

  • Get your gift money!

    After our company confirms, we will deposit 3000 yen to both the person who recommended us and the person who was recommended.

In order to apply, one must register as a member or log-in

How to Apply


・A registered member of WeXpats Jobs

Invitee (friend)
Must fulfill all requirements below
・Not a member of WeXpats
・Completed membership registration through the URL shared by a member during the promotional campaign period
・Completed a job application by filling out all the necessary details after clicking "Apply" on a job ad through WeXpats Jobs PC or mobile site between May 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020.
・Hired by and received their first salary from the company on the job ad within 120 days of registering as a member
・Filled out and submitted an application form for the gift money for this campaign within 120 days of registering as a member
※It will be required to submit documented proof that you received a salary from the company (or store/branch) you applied to


3000 yen to both the inviter and invitee that fulfill conditions
※You can receive up to a maximum of 150,000 yen as an inviter

Promotion Period

May 1, 2020 (12 AM) ~ May 31, 2020 (11:59 PM)
※The above is the period to apply to jobs. Please note that it is different from the time allowed to apply for gift money.
※The inviter can invite as many friends using your personal invitation URL during the campaign until you reach the maximum gift amount allotted per person.
※The invitee can only apply in person to the promotion once from the URL provided by the member
※The campaign period is subject to change.

Application period for gift money

The period will be within 120 days from when the invitee registers as a member.
※We will not accept applications outside the application period or extensions to apply for any reason.

To apply for the gift money

※You will be required to submit the required documents.
※After the invitee submits the application, we will send a form to register bank account information to the inviter through their registered email address
Once that has been filled out, please send it back to us

◆About the required documents

In order to confirm your employment, please prepare both your employment contract and payslip.Please check below to see what we will be checking for.
You will submit it as image data.We will let you know the details how to submit the documents when you begin the application for the gift money.

Required Document①:Employment Contract(or something equivalent)
※It is okay to conceal the details of the contract and personal information
※As long as the Employer/Company Name, store/branch name, employee's name and date of employment are shown, that is enough.
If you cannot provide the employment contract for any reason, please prepare another substitute document
Example 1) Employment contract that shows the Company/branch/store name, your name and date of employment (recommended)
Example 2) A copy of an email that shows your email address, the company's email address, date submitted and details of the job (an image saved on your PC or smartphone)
Example 3) The most recent tax withholding slip with the company/branch name, your name and date of employment

Required Document②:Payslip(or the equivalent document)
※It is not necessary to show the payment amount
Example 1) A payslip, proof of payment or something that shows details of payment that shows the company/branch name and your name
Example 2) a printout of the bank book that shows the company name and when they deposited your salary

◆About the account to which we will make a deposit

When you apply for the gift money, you will submit information about your bank account so please have that ready. Only Japanese bank accounts will be accepted.
If you don't have a bank account, please make one before applying for the gift money.
※Please ask the bank directly if you have any questions about making an account.Please note that WeXpats Jobs does not provide support in that aspect.

Application Terms of Agreement

Before participating in the "WeXpats Jobs Recommend a Friend Promotional Campaign" (referred to as "this campaign from this point on) held by Leverages Co., Ltd. (referring to as "our company" from this point on), please read the terms of agreement of this campaign (referred to as "these terms" from this point on) and only participate once you agree to these terms. If you cannot agree, then please withhold from participating.

Article 1 Management

All of the management of this campaign will be conducted by our company.
Our company, in addition to having the right to change the terms at any point if deemed necessary, can also act accordingly to best run the campaign if necessary.
※This campaign has no relation with Facebook or Instagram.

Article 2 Application Requirements and Precautions

1. This campaign offers 3000 yen as a gift to everyone who fulfills all of the application conditions below. Please apply after reading and understanding the precautions listed in Paragraph 2.

<Application Conditions>

・A registered member of WeXpats Jobs

①Your current address is in Japan
②You were not a member of WeXpats Jobs when you received the invitation and completed membership registration from the URL sent to you by the 【Inviter】during the campaign period.
③ You filled out all the necessary details and completed a job application through the "Apply" button on a job ad on WeXpat Jobs PC site or mobile site between May 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020, were hired by the company on the job ad and received your first salary within 120 days of membership registration.
※You will need to provide documented proof that you received salary from the company (branch/store if applicable) from the job ad.
④You completed and submitted an application form for this campaign within 120 days of registering as a member.

2.Below are precautions to be aware of upon applying to this campaign.
・There is no limit as to the number of people the inviter can invite to the campaign using their personal invitation URL until the inviter reaches the maximum they can receive, 150000 yen.
・The invitee can only personally apply once through the personal invitation URL sent by the inviter. Furthermore, even if you receive invitations from several members, you can only apply once to this campaign.
・The right to participate and get the gift money in this campaign is limited to those who live in Japan. We will confirm your current address through information entered in the application form.
・When applying to this campaign, we will ask you to show various documents providing proof that you were hired and work records.If you cannot provide documented proof, we will be unable to give you the gift money, so please be careful not to discard or lose the necessary documents.
・If you are a minor, please apply with the permission of your guardian. In the case that a minor applies to this campaign, we will deem it to be with the permission of their guardian.
・It is free to apply to this campaign, but the applicant is responsible for any internet or transmission fees when applying.
・When depositing the gift money, if the applicant did not enter correct information, or if the information the appplicant submitted is insufficient to make a transaction, the right to the gift money is relinquished and lost.Furthermore, you cannot transfer the right to the gift money to a third party.
・If the additional information asked for in order to receive the gift money is not provided within 6 months, you will lose the right to receive the gift.
・Please note that the prize will be subject to change without prior notice.
・Please note that this campain may end without any prior notice.
・The gift will be distributed sequentially from the end of June 2020 into the account you designated. However, it may be delayed for various reasons.
・Once you submit your application, the contents cannot be changed.
・Please note that we will not answer questions regarding confirmation of whether your application has been received.
・Leverages Group staff and affiliated persons cannot participate in this campaign.

Article 3 Regarding Personal Information

1. Our company will handle all applicants' personal information (information submitted by the applicant when applying to this campaign) by following our company's "Privacy Policy" (
2. We will use the applicants' personal information to send the gift money and to contact the applicant regarding the campaign. We will strictly manage and secure the member registration information with extreme care.Please be assured that while we will use your answers to the survey to create statistical data, we will not use any information that can identify a specific individual without permission.However, we exclude the cases in which we are required to submit the information by law or to protect the rights and property of our company, and if we need to disclose the information to a third party (such as to shipping companies) in order to send the gift. (In the case we have to disclose registered information to a third party (such as to shipping companies), we will carefully carry it out to prevent the leaking or reproduction of personal information.)

Article 4 Prohibited Matters

Upon participating in this campaign, the applicant must is prohibited from doing the following.In the case that an applicant is found to have done the following, our company has the right to take measures to limit the applicant's right to use our services or withdraw the right to receive the gift money. And in the case that our company suffers damages from such behavior, we have the right to seek compensation for damages from the applicant.
(1) Actions infringing on the copyright, other intellectual property and the right of publicity of our company, other applicants or third parties
(2) Illegally accessing facilities or systems of our company, other applicants or third parties.
(3) Utilizing computer viruses or other such harmful programs
(4) Any actions related to criminal behavior
(5) Actions contrary to public order or morality
(6) Replicating, selling, publishing, publicly transmitting the information garnered through this campaign or using it in any way that goes beyond personal use.
(7) Interfering with running this campaign, or defame our company's reputation and trust or causing our company to suffer losses (or any action that threatens to do so)
(8) Any illegal or unlawful actions
(9) In addition, actions that cause our company or other applications or third parties to suffer damages, or if our company deems that you are not a fitting applicant

Article 5 Disclaimers

While we publish information with extreme care, this campaign cannot absolutely guarantee the integrity, validity, security, serviceability about the published information, program and other matters related to this campaign.Our company cannot be held liable for the following situations in which applicants or third parties suffer damages.
(1) In the case of software or hardware accidents, fires, blackouts, the worsening of connectivity, earthquakes and other such emergencies.
(2) In the case of scheduled or emergency system maintenance.
(3) In the case of trouble between applicants or between an applicant and third party.
(4) In the case that the service is suspended or delayed due to the interference of service or altering of information, etc. by a third party.
(5) In the case that we were unable to receive all the information due to the application being sent from outside the recommended system requirements.
(6) In the case that the information is wrong or incomplete through deliberate or gross negligence.

Article 6 Regarding Suspending the Campaign

Our company has the right to modify, suspend or end a part of or all of the services related to this campaign without prior notification.Our company is not liable for any damages caused by the modification, suspension or ending of this campaign.

Article 7 Governing Law / Jurisdiction by Agreement

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.In addition, any disagreement related to this campaign, exclusive jurisdiction belongs to Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court.The terms of agreement of this campaign were made in Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese. In the case that there is disagreement over the interpretation of the various versions of the terms of agreement, the Japanese terms of agreement take precedence.

In order to apply, one must register as a member or log-in