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Factory and manufacture job

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Factory and manufacture

Employment status

Full time employee (mid career)


The salary is negotiable based on your knowledge and experience

Job Description



Original Text (Japanese)

Qualification requirements

・ 運転免許要否︓不要


Original Text (Japanese)

Welcome requirements


Original Text (Japanese)

Treatments and benefits

・⼊寮制度/借上社宅(寮費 ⽉3万5000円が⾃⼰負担) ※常駐先による
・通勤交通費⽀給/実費全額 ※常駐先による
・引越⼿当 ※常駐先による

Original Text (Japanese)


・年間休⽇︓122⽇ (110⽇~122⽇までの常駐先が多数)
・年末年始休暇 、慶弔休暇 、夏季休暇、特別休暇 、育児休暇 、産前産後休暇 、GW休暇

Original Text (Japanese)

Publisher Global Support Professional 22 hours ago

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