IT engineer job in Tokyo


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Japanese conversation level

N2 or N2 equivalent Japanese ability

Welcome language


Work Location

Tokyo Chiyoda-ku


IT engineer

Employment status

Full time employee (mid career)

Working hours


Annual income 3,500,000 ~ 5,000,000

Job Description

Software Engineer|東京・名古屋|Python|Java|N2以上(M256)



Original Text (Japanese)

Qualification requirements


・LAMP/LEMPや、MVC/MTVフレームワーク(Django or Rails or Laravel)の経験
※Pythonの経験が望ましい・その他 javascript(React/Vue/Angular), GAS, php, java, Go, SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL), UiPath, git, backlog, slack, Google WorkSpace等
※AWS EC2/ECS(Fargate)/S3/Lambda/RDS(Aurora), GCP GCE/GCS/CloudFunction/Bigquerry等の経験があると望ましい

Original Text (Japanese)


※上記に加え計画有給休暇5日+特別休暇6日 計 実質年間休日117日

Original Text (Japanese)


(休憩60分) 所定労働時間8時間

Original Text (Japanese)

Publisher mamakoko JOB 8 months ago

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