Independent Respite Workers with Daytime availability (Contract)

Inclusion Yukon

Job location

Whitehorse, YT

Job details

Inclusion Yukon is a non-profit with a vision of inclusion and advocacy. We exist to provide services to support persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Position Responsibilities:
• The current contracts that we need filled require part-time daytime availability*

-We are looking for Respite workers who have daytime availability during the week who are looking for part-time work

-Preferred if candidates have their own method of transportation and can drive clients if necessary

-Skilled caregivers who are reliable, independent and keen to work with a range of different people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Overview of Program:

The Independent Respite Worker Matching program works to connect families and caregivers to skilled care workers that can provide respite care for individuals that may be neurodiverse, have physical disabilities, be on the spectrum of disability or may need extra support in general. A key aspect of receiving quality respite care is that families/caregivers can feel safe, comfortable and confident that the person they are caring for is being well supported by their Independent Respite Worker (IRW).

The Independent Respite Matching Program matches qualified Independent Respite Workers that have the required skills and experiences requested, to the appropriate families/caregivers. The Respite Coordinator maintains an up to date database of qualified Independent Respite Workers that can be contacted when requests for respite care are made. Independent Respite Workers are their own contractors, set their own rates, manage their contracts and are accountable to the families and/or caregivers. Inclusion Yukon strives to make a match within two weeks of receiving a respite request, however we cannot guarantee that we can always find a match during this time, as it is very dependent on the Independent Respite Workers schedules, skills/experience, and if they can accommodate the requests of the family. Inclusion Yukon is updating the current database and putting out a call for resumes to assist in the matching process.

Qualified Independent Respite Workers do contracts with families looking for respite care within their own home, the community, potentially the Respite Worker’s home, or a combination of these. If you are flexible, qualified, and passionate about working with people with disabilities; this casual position could be right for you!

Start Date: (Flexible & Contract Dependent)

Hours & Remuneration:

The wage will depend on Independent Respite Workers rates, skills and experience, funding and contract. The amount will be negotiated between the family and the Independent Respite Workers.
• Between $20.00-$30.00 an hour (depending on contract)
• Up to $250 for 24 hour/overnight Care

Position Requirements:
• Education and/or combination of experience in Disability Support Work, Health Care, Education, Personal Support Work, Recreation, Mental Wellness and Social Work/Services
• Passionate about Inclusion Yukon's Vision, Mission and Values
• High level of Professionalism and Independent work ethic
• Strong sense of Health and Safety and Risk Awareness
• Combination of knowledge/experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) non-verbal & verbal, ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Asperbergers, Acquired Brain Injury, Blindness and Vision Impairment, Deafness and Hearing impairment, MS, Chronic Illness, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual and physical disabilities.
• Understanding of Client Centered Care and Trauma Informed Care an asset
• Utilize high levels of Oral and written communication skills, time management and critical thinking skills with a strong understanding of boundaries
• Experience working or volunteering with youth or adults with disabilities
• Knowledge and understanding of Yukon’s Indigenous communities is an asset
• Strong problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
• Posses the character, reliability, maturity, and skill level to relate positively with at-risk individuals and families and model responsible behavior
• Experience with but not limited to: assisting with Daily Acts of life, support with medication, toileting, showering, Meal planning and cooking, creating and organizing programs/activities, Outdoor activities, sports and recreation, G-tube, Medical supports and other care related activities
• Acceptable current criminal record check – Vulnerable sector
• Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Training an asset
• Valid Driver’s license
• Up-to-Date Vehicle Insurance
• Access to a road worthy vehicle an asset
• CPR & First Aid Certification (willingness to update if needed)

Don't have this experience but are you willing to learn? Apply anyway, we sometimes have contracts where Caregivers are willing to provide training to a person who is keen to learn more.

Job Type: Casual/Part-time as needed

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