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A number of people studied foreign languages with our hobbies and interests in mind; here is the opportunity to turn a hobby into financial gains. Online jobs have never been easier and another source of income is always welcome, more so when it is something you love to do.

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Crucial Japanese Translating Job Queries

How do I apply for translating jobs?

If you are applying for full time employment as a translator or assistant for relevant work, you will need the appropriate Working Visa and other legal requirements. The range of jobs often includes translating documents from other languages to Japanese or vice versa, and live translation during meetings, conferences and such.

Another type is applying online as a freelancer who does translation work online. This type of work is done through job bids online, contractual and compensation is based on work done rather by hours.

Can I work online and conduct all transactions in the web?

Yes! Though this depends on the agreement, a lot of work regarding document translation and article writing can be done online. Though the pay is good, working full time in Japan has better rates.

What will be the scope of my work, deadline and quotas?

Translating jobs based on documents and articles are usually per article or per word. You may be assigned to directly translating them or proofreading already finished ones, even both. Depending on the contract, there will be a minimum document translated per week or month. If the job is more on HR however, the work will be on the clock and is focused on dealing with people instead.

Document or article translating jobs have minimum quotas for freelancers. The pay will be solely dependent on the number translated with a minimum set per week, monthly or as per contract. Those employed full time by the company usually has a set pay regardless of number of documents translated. Any excess documents translated commonly means extra pay depending on the employment contract. Full time translators working as Human Resource usually undertake assistant jobs and may need social and communication skills. 

Terms of Employments

Part time translating job can be held online

Mastery of the English language is an important skill to have. People who have the time can take part time jobs as translator of documents or articles. The convenience of technology is that this type of work can be done anywhere, anytime. Because of the leniency in this type of work, the pay is based on the number of documents translated and not based on the hours worked. Transactions are mostly done online like receiving the raw documents and sending the translated product.

Full time translating jobs require good conversational skills

If you are applying for a full time translating job, chances are you will be assigned as an assistant or on clerical duties. Regardless of the variation, communication is always key in the workplace. You need to be able to converse and understand instructions well to be able to give the same. Working as an assistant or live translator in conferences, meetings and such requires you to be able to keep up. Though this won’t be a requirement for sole document translating, there is no need to avoid learning a timeless skill.

Flexible and adjustable time schedule

Humans are so high up in the food chain because they are able to adapt well; you should too. Full time work as an assistant may require you to attend meetings as a translator and these time settings may be outside of regular working hours. This specific type of job may require you to have a flexible time schedule.

Minimum qualifications needed for translating jobs

At least business level in Japanese language and English language in both written and oral

It is imperative that the document you are translating be free from error. If you translating Japanese to English or vice versa, you will need mastery of both languages to successfully bridge the two. It will be difficult to only know one and be unfamiliar with the other; as such it is a requirement that translators be business level in both Japanese and English languages both orally and written. You need to be able to understand business terms and specific industry jargons. If you are interested in translating jobs but have only mastered English as a language, Japan has a lot of language teaching programs.

At least 2 years of work experience or with a College Degree in relevant fields

They will need you to have at least 2 years of work experience or a College Degree in relevant fields if you are a fresh graduate. This requirement is not too strict if the quality of your work is high or depending on the demand of the market. A lot of those in part-time translating jobs are also teaching, specifically in English. People with experience combined with a College Degree in relevant fields like English related courses, and IT courses are given priority or better starting rates. Worry not for the market is vast and wide, and Japan has no lack of jobs for people with skills and those willing to learn.

Relevant IT knowledge or at least at the basic level

Applicants are required to know basic IT knowledge and skills like Microsoft Office or the official Office system of the corporation. This is essential for doing actual translating works, ease of passing documents, maximization of speed in the workplace and other reasons. Depending on the technicality of the job, the requirement threshold in IT skills may increase.

In Conclusion

Those who work will acquire skills and those skills will be rewarded. Translating can be done as a part time or full time job if one so desires. The former gives extra remuneration, the latter provides long term stability. In conclusion, translating jobs are rewarding, and you need no other reasons.


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