Finding a Part-Time Job in Japan Working from Home


Working part-time from home affords many advantages for foreigners seeking jobs in Japan. As the worldwide population grows, the corresponding demand for part-time workers working from home also increases, allowing them spare time for their hobbies and other vital concerns. 

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Types of Jobs in Japan which allow part-time work from home 

The conveniences of being able to work from home in these fast-paced times of long commutes, road traffic jams, and other challenging factors have led many to look for jobs they can skillfully perform at home as well as even for a few hours. Doing so not only allows people to spend time with their family but also to indulge in other activities and passions they have while earning enough on the side to bolster the home budget. The independence one has to work at one’s own pace, and flexible schedule offers many individuals the perfect balance between financial freedom and professional fulfillment, not to mention the balance between one’s creativity and the need for social interaction in the virtual workplace.

There are many types of part-time, work-from-home jobs foreigners can acquire in Japan, from Web Content Assessor to Freelance Japanese-to-English Translation to Social Media Evaluator to other similar jobs that may suit one’s qualifications and work experience and which can be performed at home. Some even do not require formal work background beyond being able to use such popular apps such as Facebook or Instagram. 

As a Web Content Assessor, for instance, your main task is to enhance the experience end-users in the use of search engines, injecting more interesting and meaningful content. The job requires checking what keywords are most popular, something that affects all aspects of internet content usage, including images, ads and websites, among others. For such a job, you might be required to put in a minimum of 10 hours to a maximum of 20 hours a week according to one’s availability of work time. Compensation is computed based on the completion of specific tasks or projects involved. 

Work as a Japanese-to-English game script localization or translation worker, on the other hand, is based on the number of characters (keyboard font types) involved, from 10,000 to 100,000 every month. They may be tasked with translating Japanese games, from globally acclaimed titles to local hits. Other than games, the common line of work includes translating visual novels, mangas, and even technical documents or articles. This particular job will interest the young who frequently use these online games and are familiar with the Japanese language. 

The position of Social Media Evaluator involves finding ways to enhance how people interact with technology by providing feedback on a company's social media usage and presence. Your reports will help a company shift how they utilize popular social media. A position with this job may require a more flexible schedule, as it could be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours a day, possibly up to 7 days a week, depending on availability. This type of schedule will allow most men or women who stay at home with their family or even those who wish to travel yet have the freedom to use enough of their time for such simple work. All one needs to have is a fast and reliable internet connection, of course. 

What are the minimum qualifications required for such jobs? 

As we have described, some of these part-time work-from-home jobs, the academic background is not so strict, as long as one has the necessary skills and work experience needed for the specific tasks expected. Essential skills include facility or familiarity with the apps or software that is utilized in the job. The ability to troubleshoot in these apps or software also comes as an excellent advantage for certain positions. Aside from the skills, of course, personal diligence in performing quality work output and promptness in the submission of required assignments are traits that will enable one to get and maintain a good-paying job. 

Some jobs offered to foreigners require them to be current residents in Japan, where the internet service is very reliable, and whose visa permits them to acquire work. In general, they are also expected to read and speak fluent Japanese or English for their tasks. Applying for many of these jobs is quite easy. Often, it is as easy as opening one’s Facebook or Linkedin accounts to apply for the desired position. For others, finding positions offered by individuals or companies on your own may be necessary. 

How to make sure you are applying through legitimate agents or employers

Most of these jobs mentioned can be accessed online and offer a safe way of applying directly to the recruiting person or company or a legitimate manpower hiring agency. However, it is always wise to check with authorized government agencies, such as the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in the case of Filipinos applying, or with friends and relatives who have existing jobs in Japan or have experience at working there. This will save a lot of headaches as there are many shady individuals or unlicensed agencies who will take advantage of those who apply without doing the necessary investigation into the true nature of those recruiters.

Nevertheless, in many cases of part-time, work-from-home job offers, the company or individual hiring the worker will schedule and conduct a remote conference in order to assess the qualifications of the applicant through a virtual call, at the very least. Some tests or actual work assessments may further determine one’s skills in the tasks to be undertaken. Through such a virtual interaction, one may be able to gage already whether the hiring party is legitimate or not. Further investigation into the company’s website and references will either legitimize their claims or prove your doubts and hesitations to be valid after all. 

The best rule is to be protected by learning from other people’s experiences and asking from authorized or registered agencies.


The presence of fast and efficient communication technology and money wire-transfer facilities in Japan and throughout the world has helped to create a new paradigm of home-based economic productivity. Individuals, and whole families can benefit from the modern-day version of commerce and trade previously only undertaken in the real and noisy marketplaces. Today, virtual work is recompensed by virtual money to allow people to live and survive in ways that were unprecedented several decades ago.

From schoolchildren to housewives to professional workers to ordinary vendors in the streets, more and more people are engaged in this world-changing and life-enhancing capability of people to make a living in the comforts of their homes or locality without having to leave the house or face the stressful road traffic while leaving enough time for their essential domestic tasks.

With so many possibilities and opportunities now available, all one needs to do is to find the way into building one’s own interactive and productive home of the future. 


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