Growing demand for engineers in various Japanese industries


Engineering had always been a staple job without the lack of use for any industry, even more so now in Japan. The growing sectors are expanding by hiring both experienced and new professionals. The Japanese industries are booming, financial and professional growth guaranteed; now is the perfect time for long term financial stability.  

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Job Requirements to be an Engineer in Japan

College Degrees, Years of Work Experience and Others

You need to be a graduate of any Engineering course and have secured your Working Visa in Japan to work as one. Years of work experience as a requirement however, may vary depending on the company and industry. Maintenance work and similar lines most of the time only require 1 year as they can train the people themselves. The IT industry does not require any experience at all and are recruiting fresh graduates.

Some companies are hiring engineers outside Japan and even offer to help secure a Working Visa and other legal papers. It is wise to check the demand of the market and you may land a position in a good company that will even reimburse your flight cost after entry.

If you are a graduating college student with good grades, some companies may even hire you immediately after graduation. The terms can be negotiated before graduation and perfected after you enter Japan. This happens if the company is looking to do the training themselves, ensuring the quality of work that can be done.

The nature of work may be different from another even though they are in the same line of study. It is a desirable quality for people to have a mind-set capable of handling shifting responsibilities. In this type of work that includes a large number of people, it is expected that you can work with others well. Those with more experience may even head projects, so it will be advantageous to possess management and social skills. Though these things are desired, if you are new to the field, do not be discouraged. All skills can be learnt with effort, and commitment.

Some industries do not require you to speak perfect Japanese

An example of this is the IT industry. Programming is a universal language not limited by the parameters of the tongue. The IT industry only requires basic level Japanese language skills. If needed, companies would send programmers to learn Japanese from programs and teaching sessions. Because the main line of work in this type of job is mostly using programs and applications, they won’t be hindered even if they have not mastered the Japanese language.

New graduates are welcome in the IT industry

With the effects of technology going far and wide, the IT industry is expanding. Fresh graduates of IT courses from different but relevant fields are being hired without any years of work experience. This is because of the increasing demand for IT related jobs are ever growing as the world undergoes the process of globalization. IT related work has long become a staple job and tangled itself in most if not all industries.

Highest Paying and Highest In-Demand Types of Engineers

IT engineers or programmers and other variants

The IT industry in Japan offers some of the highest average salaries in recent years and it is still growing. Programs and applications can increase workplace efficiency greatly and is even becoming the standard of modernization. Most use online services to conduct business, and office software programs in the workplace for ease of effort. IT can make a difficult job easy and an easy job easier, the market is only justified to reward them well.

The IT industry is vast and the range of work may vary from creating programs, software, games and applications for all sorts of needs. Programmers are being hired for creating all kinds of things that other industries might need but because the need is too large, they are still hiring, even fresh graduates.

Being an engineer in this line of work is not just being a creator but also an innovator.

Service and Design Engineers

Japan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in a lot of industries; an example is the world famous automobile giants in Tokyo. To maintain this international standard, they first have to maintain their facilities. Machines can erode through the corrosion of time, which is why engineers who will do regular maintenance are important.

Other than engineers who maintain facilities, Japan is also hiring those that will venture into new fields. Research and development tasks are for design engineers who not only have sufficient qualifications and background but also a creative mind. 

Reasons for Variances in Salary for Engineers Working in Japan

Salary variance depending on city or years of work experience

Where you work may result in differences in salary. Main Japanese cities often give relatively higher rates as compared to other cities. The type of work is still the main factor for variances in salary. Some companies also offer higher rates than regular if you meet some of their extra qualifications upon job entry.

Those with experience prior to hiring will be given more advanced work but they will certainly be better compensated. Those considered to be field veterans may even be tasked with leading others as such it is good to have management and social skills. Experience in relevant and similar type of work may also qualify one for better entry rates than regular.

Other reasons

Other than skills, entry experience and the corporation’s standardized salary, the demand of the market is another big factor. This is especially true in the IT industry. They are hiring fresh graduates to support increasing demand. However, they also greatly needed people with experience so they had to raise the bar and increase salaries in order to attract veterans. It is always advantageous to see the current state of the market, knowing when to enter and benefit from its fluctuations.

In Summary

Rising markets are good to enter, stepping on the climbing waves reaching otherwise far shores. Take advantage of the growing industries in Japan before it settles, start now and have a solid foundation for long term financial stability!


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