Trade, business, Marketing job in Tokyo

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Japanese conversation level

N2 or N2 equivalent Japanese ability

Welcome language


Work Location

Tokyo Bunkyo-ku


Trade, business, Marketing

Employment status

Full time employee (mid career)

Working hours


Annual income 4,300,000 ~ 9,500,000

Job Description


・海外営業部、海外販社とのコミュニケーション ※海外出張あり
Planning, proposing and managing sales activities

【Work responsibilities】
- Planning and formulating sales strategies and tactics
- Setting goals, monitoring sales performance and implementing countermeasures
- Gathering information on market trends and competitors, preparing proposal materials
- Supporting smooth sales activities
- Communicating with the International Sales Department and International Sales companies

Original Text (Japanese)

Qualification requirements

・PCスキル(Word,Excel,Power Point)
- At least 3 years of sales experience
- PC skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
- English (Business level)
- Japanese (Business level)
- Individuals with a tennis background is a plus

Original Text (Japanese)

Welcome requirements

- Individuals with a tennis background is a plus
- Logical thinking skills

Original Text (Japanese)

Treatments and benefits

•諸手当: 家族手当、住宅手当、時間外勤務手当、他
•昇給: 年1回(4月)
•賞与: 年2回(7月、12月)
•社会保険: 健康保険、厚生年金保険、雇用保険、労災保険
•福利厚生: 従業員持株制度、育児休業制度、介護休業制度、社員旅行ほか

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Original Text (Japanese)



Original Text (Japanese)

Publisher WeXpats Agent 9 months ago

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