Cinnamoroll Things to Get, Food to Eat and Events to Visit for 20th Anniversary, Our Best Buy Picks


Sanrio’s beloved white puppy character Cinamoroll celebrates its 20th anniversary this year in 2022. In this article, we introduce our 20th anniversary Cinnamoroll picks, some themed foods and drinks to look out for, as well as events at Sanrio Puroland that are only available this year! For fans of Sanrio and Cinnamoroll, this article is a must read! 

Header Image Credit: ©2022 Sanrio Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Table of Contents

  1. What's Cinnamaroll?
    1. Is Cinnamoroll a bunny?
  2. Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Celebration
    1. Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Special Movie
  3. 20th Anniversary CInnamoroll Things to Get
    1. 20th Anniversary Limited Cinnamoroll Munyugurumi
    2. Sanrio Online Shop Cinnamoroll Birthday Series
    3. Free Cinnamoroll Wallpaper
    4. Collaborations with Other Stores (Mel Cinna, Tangle Teezer, Yamaka)
  4. Limited Time Cinnamoroll Themed Food & Drinks
    1. Fruits Box Daikanyama
    2. Pearl Lady Cha Bar
    3. Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku
  5. Sanrio Puroland Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Party
    1. Cinnamoroll Blue Illumination Live
    2. Photo Spots
  6. Children’s Day (2022/5/5) Cinnamoroll Live
  7. Takeaway

What’s Cinnamoroll?

Cinnamoroll is a Sanrio character that was first introduced in 2001. Cinnamoroll is pure white in colour with pink blushing chubby cheeks, floppy ears, and a curled up tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. 

Cinnamoroll’s origin story is that he was born amongst the clouds in the sky. One day, following the smell of cinnamon rolls, he arrived at Cafe Cinnamon where he decided to stay. He became the cafe’s resident mascot. Cinnamoroll’s special skill is that he can fly by flapping his floppy ears. He loves napping and flying around town visiting his friends. His birthday is on March 6th, and his favourite food is Cafe Cinammon's cinammon rolls. 

Is Cinnamoroll a bunny?

No, just like Pompompurin is not a pudding. Frequently mistaken for a bunny because of its long floppy ears and white colouring, Cinnamoroll is actually a male puppy dog. 

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Celebration

Cinnamoroll celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year of 2022. To commemorate the event, Sanrio have prepared many things from a 20th anniversary special movie, limited edition merchandise, collaborations with other businesses, live performances and more! 

And luckily for you, we’re here to introduce Cinnamoroll things you should get and Cinammoroll themed collaborations and events you don’t want to miss out on! 

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Special Movie

The video featured plushies of Cinnamaroll and his friends swinging their heads to rock music?! The unexpected hardcore song choice in contrast to Cinnamaroll’s fluffy soft image made for a strangely funny but still adorable video. 

20th Anniversary Cinnamoroll Things to Get

20th Anniversary Limited Cinnamoroll Munyugurumi

Image Credit: © 2022 Sanrio Co., Ltd 

Cinnamoroll with a teacup hat! Holding a yellow teaspoon in one paw, and a pocket watch in the other is the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition design! The soft pastel colours of pink, blue and purple enhance Cinnamoroll’s adorableness even further! I can only say good job to the design team. 

The plushie is available in 2 sizes :

S Size - 20cm tall for 2,860 yen

Mascot (Keychain) - 10cm tall for 1,980 yen 

Image Credit: ©株式会社KThingS

There’s also a strawberry shortcake edition! For this design, Cinnamoroll is wearing a sky blue jacket with a shoulder cape. Marking his 20th anniversary is the number 20 cake topper decoration. 

The Munyugurmis are available for pre-sale order on Sanrio’s Munyugurumi Patio Website. Shipments are scheduled for late May. Get them now before they sell out! 

Sanrio Online Shop Cinnamoroll Birthday Series

Image Credit: © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD.

For the 20th Anniversary, Sanrio Online Shops released a whole line of Cinnamoroll limited edition products including actual-sized fluffy plushies of the Cinamoroll gang. Each plush costs 3,300 yen. Purchase is limited to one per customer, so make your choice carefully! The rainbow cloud shaped tag is a nice touch! 

Image Credit: © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD.

Check out the entire 20th anniversary birthday series here. There’s keychains, totebag, handkerchief, and clear files. 

Free Cinnamoroll Wallpaper

1 of 2 Cinnamoroll 2008

2 of 2 Cinnamoroll 2008

Images Credit:  © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN

As a present to long-time fans of Cinnamoroll, Sanrio is giving away desktop and smartphone wallpapers! From 2002 to 2022, the annually released Cinnamoroll designs are getting upgraded and there are also new original designs!!! 

The above images, released on April 15, 2022, are the most recent upgrades of Cinnamoroll’s 2008 designs. The upgrades are still an ongoing project so check back on Cinnamoroll’s Museum once in a while. 

Collaborations with Other Stores

Mel Cinna x Cinnamoroll

Image Credit:  © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN / © Mel cinna

As you well know, collaboration goods are a huge thing in Japan. Aside from convenience stores like Lawson (Yukimi Daifuku Purchase Gift until April 25th) and 7-Eleven (Gacha Capsule Nationwide from April 2nd~), there are many other shops collaborating with Sanrio to sell 20th anniversary Cinnamoroll goods.

For our first 20th anniversary Cinnamoroll pickup, Cinammoroll x Mel cinna’s accessories are looking fantastic, especially the sky blue ribbon and dangle earrings! One new accessory is released a day starting from April 14th, so check in everyday to see what’s in store. Each purchase comes with Cinnamoroll limited edition stickers. 

Mel Cinna x Cinnamoroll Collaboration Page

Tangle Teezer x Cinnamoroll

Image Credit:  © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN / © Tangle Teezer

British brand “Tangle Teezer” has been famous for quite some time for its effective and gentle detangling hair brushes in many countries including Japan. And looks like they’re doing a Cinnamoroll collaboration too. For 2,530 yen, you can get this pastel blue Cinnamoroll design compact on-the-go hairbrush. 

Tangle Teezer Compact Style Cinnamoroll

Yamaka x Cinnamoroll

Image Credit:  © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN / © Yamaka Official Shop

Have your name printed on these limited edition designed mugs featuring Cinnamoroll and his friends. On the inside of the cup are the words “Happy Anniversary” in cursive. Available to order on Yamaka website until April 26th. 

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Mug (Printed Name)

Limited Time Cinnamoroll Themed Food & Drinks

Because even food can be cute in Japan. 

Fruits Box Daikanyama x Cinnamoroll

5 minutes walk from Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station is a fruit sandwich specialty shop, Fruits Box Daikanyama. Their special Cinnamoroll collaboration menu includes:

  1. 空飛ぶブルーソーダ (Sora Tobu Blue Soda), a sparkling lychee jelly drink

  2. Cinnamoroll Inspired Fruit Sandwich - star-shaped honey and apple compote wrapped with sky blue cream

They also have limited edition merchandise including Cinnamoroll atop a fruit sandwich plush, acrylic keychains, bag, and more! 

Pearl Lady Cha Bar x Cinnamoroll

Image Credit:  © Pearl Lady

Cinnamoroll Blue Milk Tea is the collaboration drink between Pearl Lady Cha Bar and Cinnamoroll. 

The bottom left drink is Blue Milk Tea Cream, a light and refreshing fruit tea made from - butterfly pea and rosehip flower tea with shirotama toppings instead of tapioca pearls, and topped with creamy salted cream. 

The bottom right drink is Blue Milk Tea Peach - same flower tea and shirotama toppings but topped with peach fruit bits instead of salted cream. 

You will receive a Cinnamoroll cup sleeve and sticker gift with every drink purchase (while stocks last!).

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

Starting from March 4th ~ April 17th, Cinnamoroll Cafe in Shinjuku has a special 20th Anniversary Menu. The anniversary special menu features:

  • Cinnamoroll’s Anniversary Pancake Platter

  • Faraway Sky Anniversary Blue Stroganoff

  • Cinnamoroll’s Blue Sky Soda

and more!

Image Credit: ⓒ2001, 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD.

Of course, limited edition goods are also available. Some of the drinks also come with coaster gifts. 

Sanrio Puroland Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Party

Sanrio Puroland has prepared all sorts of festivities and merchandise to celebrate Cinnamoroll’s special year! Starting with Cinnamoroll and friends' 20th anniversary costumes! 

Photo Credit: © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN

Their hats stand out a lot! Cappuccino has a blue teapot, Chiffon has a cake, Cinnamoroll has a teacup. Cinnamoroll’s outfit bears great resemblance to his limited edition Munyugurumi above


Cinnamoroll Blue Illumination Live

Donning his new costume, Cinnamoroll hosts a special parade twice a day at 14:10 and 16:00 at Puro Village. Learn the dance in advance to join in on the fun (check video above)! 

Photo Spots

IMPORTANT: For character greetings, check the relevant schedules beforehand to see whether Cinnamoroll is appearing! 

For more information about Puroland’s Cinnamoroll Celebrations, visit their dedicated website (Japanese only): 
Puroland Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Party

Children’s Day (2022/5/5) Cinamoroll Live

Image Credit:  © 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN / © Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Co., Ltd.

On Children’s Day this year (May 5th), Cinnamoroll will be making a special appearance at Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. The event includes a meal and a 20-mins special show. Up to 50 lucky guests may win the lottery for a photo session with Cinnamoroll. 

Admission Fee: 9,000 yen (Adult), 6,000 yen (Child) inclusive of food, one drink, and taxes. 


At the time of publication, it is still quite early into 2022. With collaborations just starting mid-April and events that have yet to pass, we can expect quite an eventful year for Cinnamoroll this year. For huge fans of Cinnamoroll, we recommend following / checking-in on Cinnamoroll’s social media or anniversary websites to tune-in for the latest collabs and events! 

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Official Twitter

Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Special Site

Puroland Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Party

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