First Cabin: New Style "Compact" and Affordable Hotel around Tokyo


Fully enjoying the charms of Tokyo requires money, which is why many people choose to save on accommodations to better spend that money on other activities.

In this article, we introduce to you 「First Cabin」, a new type of affordable accommodation that is a cross between a hotel and a capsule hotel. With First Cabin, you don't need to sacrifice comfort to enjoy all the activities you want. It's clean, has great access to public transportaion, and great prices. 

What is 「First Cabin」?

First Cabin is a new type of accommodation facility called "compact hotel" that offers a comfortable for a very reasonable price. The rooms are bigger compared to a capsule hotel and only costs from 3000 yen. Hearing its cheap price, you might be thinking "how great can it be..." but if you have a look at the First Cabin's lobby (photo below), you might change your mind. 

Looks classy doesn't it. At the moment, there are 4 First Cabin compact hotels in Tokyo: Akasaka, Atagoyama, Ichigaya and Haneda Airport Terminal 1. All 4 of them have great locations with easy-acess areas both to and from the establishments. If you compare them to business hotels in the same area, there is a price difference of around 50%! The First Cabin near Haneda Airport Terminal 1 is a good choice to stay if you want to rest immediately after or before a flight. 

But why is it so cheap? The reason for First Cabin's affordableness is their rooms. "Cabin" is what the rooms are called, and 1 cabin only fits 1 person. It is also compact-sized compared to regular hotel rooms (thus the name compact hotel), but they do provide amenities like wifi, and are comfortable to stay. Unlike dormitories, they have walls in between rooms that provide privacy and security. 

First Cabin has different room plans at different prices: 

  • rooms with the largest space are called "FIRST CLASS CABIN",
  • rooms with the best value are called the "BUSINESS CLASS CABIN", and
  • rooms where guests can have a unique experience are called the "PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS CABIN".
※ Some of these rooms may not be available at certain First Cabin hotels. 

The "PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS CABIN" is similar to capsule hotels which are well known for their uniqueness. If you want to experience what it's like staying in a spacepod, then this room plan is perfect for you. There are also rooms that are more like regular hotel rooms if you would prefer a more comfortable stay. 

First Cabin Akasaka

Akasaka Station is where many expensive apartments and office buildings are located. You'll see a modern white building 30 seconds from the station - that's the First Cabin Akasaka. 

It is near many tourist destinations like Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Ginza, and Nihonbashi. There is also a shopping mall nearby called "Akasaka Sakas (赤坂サカス)" for dining and shopping. 

First Cabin Atagoyama

First Cabin Atagoyama is located within walking distance of Shinbashi Station and not far from Ginza. There are many cheap and tasty restaurants around the hotel that you can enjoy during your stay. The hotel is located in an office district and away from the crowded busy areas of the stations, so you can enjoy a calm quiet stay. It has good access to the airport and can be used as a transit hotel. 

First Cabin Ichigaya 

First Cabin Ichigaya is a 2 minutes walk away from Ichigaya Station, and just 5 minutes train ride from Tokyo Dome. It is also close to the Ginza and Shinjuku areas, making it ideal for sightseeing and also business stays. The Kanda River (神田川 Kandagawa) flows in front of First Cabin Ichigaya, and the Imperial Palace is also within walking distance. A leisurely stroll, jog, and other activities can be enjoyed here.

First Cabin Ichigaya was recently renovated in February 2022 with the theme "Beauty & Health". As part of their theme, a popular dieting method called "16-hours fasting" while staying overnight is popular with female guests. 

First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1

Located in Haneda Airport Terminal 1, First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1 is frequented by early and late flight flight passengers. They also have "day use" service for short periods to rest up before/after your flight. 

There are 2 types of rooms: "FIRST CLASS CABIN" and "BUSINESS CLASS CABIN". Available facilities include:

  • Large bath to wash up
  • Work lounge with Wi-Fi and charging stations
  • Women-only lounge
  • Food and drinks vending machines

There are many restaurants in the airport, but in the middle of the night when many places are closed, you'll find the vending machine facilities at First Cabin waiting to serve you. 


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