[Tokyo] Make Your Own Kiriko Japanese Glass at Sokichi in Asakusa


Developed in Japan, Kiriko (切子) is a traditional handcraft method of cutting the surface of glass to create beautiful patterns. 

Its true value is best demonstrated when held up to the light, and the contrast between the light and shadows catches your eye. Depending on the pattern, it is also used as a lucky charm or a protection amulet. 

Kiriko is popular as a souvenir, but if you have the time, why not try making your own? Sokichi (創吉), a glassware store in Asakusa, Tokyo offers hands-on classes where you can try your hand at glass-cutting under the tutelage of a craftsman.

Prices for adults start from 3,300 yen (as of November 2022). Choose one from dozens of design patterns and carve it onto the glass with your own hands. Of course, you can take the finished glass home with you.

The classroom is a quick 30 seconds walk from Asakusa Station, which is super convenient. The entire experience takes about 90 minutes (1.5 hours), which is not too long, making it a good idea to include in your Asakusa itinerary. Admiring and tracing the intricate pattern will surely bring up pleasant memories of your trip. 

Making traditional handicrafts sounds intimidating, but according to Sokichi-san, 

We have patterns ranging from easy to difficult, so even beginners can choose according to their own level. Be at ease and join us.

Workshops are available in English and Chinese, so feel free to make a reservation! 

Sokichi Kiriko Experience Workshop (Reservation Required)

  • Time Required: 90 minutes
  • Price: 3300 yen (Adults) / 2750 yen (Under 18) [as of November 2022]
  • ※ Additional charge of 990 ~ 3300 yen for coloured glasses.
  • ※ Contact in advance if English / Chinese support required.
  • ※ Check official website for further details. 
  • https://www.sokichi-workshop.com/


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