Alice in Borderland Season 1 & 2 Episodes Recap and Filming Locations to Visit (Updated)


Alice in Borderland Season 2 is here! But where was Alice in Borderland filmed? Find a quick recap of what happened episode by episode in Season 1 & 2, as well as an extensive list of places to visit in Japan in each episode to see the exciting locations for yourself!

※Header Photo: Robot Co. 

Table of Contents

Season 1

  1. Episode 1: Into Borderland (Shibuya and Shibuya Scramble)
  2. Episode 2: Tag (Apartment Complex, Shopping Mall)
  3. Episode 3: Seven of Hearts (Botanical Garden)
  4. Episode 4: Distance (Highway Tunnel)
  5. Episode 5: The Beach (Hotel)
  6. Episode 6: Hatter’s Demise (Kabukicho)
  7. Episode 7: 10 of Hearts (Fight in the Hotel)
  8. Episode 8: The Next Stage (Back to Shibuya)

Season 2

  1. Episode 1: The Next Stage (Car Chase in Shibuya)
  2. Episode 2: King of Clubs (Shipping Dock)
  3. Episode 3: Mutual Respect & Jack of Hearts (Prison)
  4. Episode 4: Purpose (Setagaya Community)
  5. Episode 5: Queen of Spades (Power Station)
  6. Episode 6: King of Diamonds (Supreme Court)
  7. Episode 7: King of Spades (Back to Shibuya)
  8. Episode 8: Queen of Hearts (Shibuya Sky)


Alice in Borderland took the world by surprise, as a fast-paced thrilling death game drama with strong acting, a fascinatingly morbid premise, and international accessibility via Netflix not really seen before in regards to other Japanese dramas

Here's a recap of season 1 as well as all of the major filming locations that can be identified, some of which you can visit yourself in Japan. (Please note that some are now closed, may be closed in the future, or are not accessible to the public.)

※All screencaps taken from Netflix Japan's YouTube videos on Alice in Borderland. Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4

Episode 1: Into Borderland (Shibuya and Shibuya Scramble)

The series begins with Arisu who feels aimless in life. He meets up with his friends Chota and Karube in Shibuya by the famous Shibuya Scramble and they end up pulling off a silly stunt that causes a traffic accident and has police after them. 

They run into the restroom in the station to hide, but there’s a sudden blackout. When they come out of the restroom, they find that everyone has suddenly disappeared.

They have been thrown into Borderland, a place where they must play games in order to survive. Winning a game will give them extra days on their “passport”, but if they lose or run out of days, they will die.

They then play their first game - an escape room where they must choose the correct door to go through to the next room or be killed. Here they meet another player, Shibuki, who uses them to stay alive. They all survive the game thanks to Arisu’s quick thinking but Chota is injured. 

If they survive, they can collect a card based on the level and type of game. 

Places to visit from this episode

Shibuya Scramble

The obvious place to visit from this episode is Shibuya Scramble Crossing. 

They actually built an entire fake Shibuya Scramble set in Ashikaga, Tochigi for filming the Shibuya Scramble scenes in Alice in Borderland, and will use it again to film Season 2. The set has been used in other works - movies, commercials, music videos - such as for xxxHolic (film) and the music video for Fujii Kaze’s “damn”.

Check out how they built it and used it here: 


It's not really open to the public, as it's a filming set. (Learn more about the set itself here in this Youtube video.)

But you can visit the real Shibuya Scramble, both during the day and at night. They did renovate Shibuya Station so the restroom and even ticket gate from the episode is no longer there and looks different. However, the Scramble itself and the general station look and the streets around are the same. 

Hachiko Gate and the Scramble


Note: The signs around Hachiko Gate change all the time based on what's being advertised. 


Center Gai 

Inokashira Dori (by Seibu Department Store)

The overpass by Shibuya Stream


and more in Shibuya mentioned below!

Head up to places like Shibuya Sky, and Suku Cafe at the top of Shibuya Magnet to get an overlooking view of Shibuya and Tokyo as a whole.

Check out our article for more things to do in Shibuya: 18 Reasons to Explore Commercial Paradise Shibuya

GM Building


The very first game venue for Arisu and his friends. It’s located in Yokohama. The name is as shown in the drama, GMビル (GM biru or building), and has various small bars as tenants. It's located in Yokohama, not Shibuya.

Episode 2: Tag (Apartment Complex)

In episode 2, Arisu and his friends plus Shibuki go scavenging for items as they decide what to do. 

Arisu and Karube decide to play another game in order to get more experience and allow themselves more days to make up for the days that Chota is unable to move because of his injury. 

At the next game, they meet Usagi, Aguni and Chishiya, key players in the story, for the first time. 

They are forced to play a game of tag in an apartment complex. The people who are “it” have guns, while the players must find the correct room to end the game.

Arisu urges all the players to work together in order to stay alive and win the game.

At the end of the game after barely scraping by with their lives, Karube hear about a location called “The Beach” over an abandoned radio. 

Places to visit from this episode

Shots Across Tokyo

In the beginning of the episode after the opening credits, they show various shots of famous spots in Tokyo, normally crowded with people, with absolutely no one in sight.

These spots include

These are all great places to visit by the way. Just that they are all normally very crowded.

Shibuya Nitori


Nitori (a furniture store) in Shibuya is where the 4 of them are staying while they plan what to do next. There's a shot of the outside in the drama before they're seen inside.

Mosaic Mall Kouhoku


The shopping mall Mosaic Mall Kouhoku (モザイクモール港北) in Center Kita, Yokohama, which is also shown to be where they are staying. You can see a glimpse of Murasaki Sports in the drama, and Karube and Arisu are seen at night discussing participating in the next game by the railing overlooking the lower floors. 

However, this one’s a little out of the way so unless you’re planning to do some shopping as well or have other locations to visit, it may not be worth it.

Apartment Complex: Kita-Suzurandai, Kobe

This is where the game of tag takes place. Unfortunately this apartment complex in Kita-Suzurandai, Kobe has been torn down, as it was already uninhabited and planned to be rebuilt by the time they filmed here. 

However, check out this street view from 2018 when it was still around!


Episode 3: Seven of Hearts (Botanical Garden)

In this devastating episode, Arisu and his friends are forced to play against each other in the game of seven of hearts - a hearts game meaning it’s psychological. It’s implied that there will only be one survivor.

The game venue is a botanical garden, and they have to wear headsets with collars that contain explosive devices. There are assigned roles - a wolf and three sheep. The person who is the wolf at the end will survive, while the other 3 will die. The wolf role is transferred through eye contact.

At first, they fight over who will get to be the wolf, but eventually when Arisu is the wolf and hiding from his friends to try to figure out how to have all of them survive, his friends decide to give up their lives to let him live. 

It’s a shocking episode because if you’re like me, you really liked his friends and believed they would survive at least a little longer. It’s also a huge turning point for Arisu in the game.

Places to visit from this episode

Sakuya Kono Hana Kan

Although the sign says Shinjuku Botanical Garden in the drama, it was actually filmed in Osaka at Sakuya Kono Hana Kan (咲くやこの花館)

Most of the filming took place in the following:

Central flower hall (where they get the instructions for the game)


the “Humid Tropical Plant House” where Karube chases after Shibuki, then Arisu who hides

and “Tropical Flowering Trees and Shrubs” areas (where Arisu looks for his friends and Karube says his final goodbye)


I went earlier this year and it was really fun to explore, not just the spots they filmed, but the whole garden. And you have to look for the spots anyway, so you get a bit of the experience going around and around the different paths of the garden just like they did. I even found the exact spot my favorite character (in the first half) Karube died and it was quite sobering. And when I went, they were having a Southeast Asian Fruits fair, so you can enjoy events as well.

It’s 500 yen for adults and open from 10:00~17:00 (last entry at 16:30).

Episode 4: Distance (Highway Tunnel)

After being devastated by the events of last episode, Arisu has pretty much given up on everything. However, thanks to encouragement from Usagi, he is able to try to live. We find out more about Usagi’s past, about her father, and where she gets her survival skills.

Their next game is a game called “Distance”, implied to be a run towards a “goal” starting from a bus in a tunnel. The counters on their phones tell them how far they’ve traveled. However, they encounter dangers like a panther who hunts them through the tunnel. They also don’t know if they can trust the water bottles left by the side of the tunnel for them. They had to leave behind one of the players who has a bad leg in the bus. However, on the way, Arisu spots a motorcycle with diesel fuel which could power the bus. He goes back with it, only to find that the goal was the bus all along. Usagi who has reached the other end of the tunnel discovers that it’s a trap and the whole tunnel is about to flood. Arisu is able to rescue her with the bus just in time. 

Usagi and Arisu decide to look for The Beach as it may lead to answers and a way out.

Places to visit from this episode

Makuhari Seaside Park Block B

Where Usagi traps and kills a wild rabbit for food. It’s a very brief moment at the beginning of episode 4 but Makuhari residents know this park well. 

Kobe Harbor Minatojima Tunnel


Although it’s quite hard to visit this one, here’s a look at someone driving through the Kobe Harbor Minatojima Tunnel where parts of the run was filmed.

Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba

Where Usagi and Arisu talk about looking for The Beach. The shot above was taken at Shibaura Minami Futo Park (芝浦南ふ頭公園). Arisu also takes Usagi on a bicycle across the bridge. 

Episode 5: The Beach (Hotel)

Usagi and Arisu are looking for The Beach, and they are able to find it by following players at other games. However, they are captured and taken to the headquarters where they meet the leader of The Beach, the Hatter. 

Basically anything goes at The Beach, as long as everyone cooperates to play games and gather cards. Arisu’s seven of hearts is highly coveted and they are allowed to stay. He and Usagi reunite with Chishiya and Aguni, and meet others such as An, Kuina, Mira and Aguni's militant faction which include Niiragi and Last Boss

Arisu is forced to play a game testing his wits and usefulness to The Beach and eligibility to join be an executive member. He is able to solve the game and leads everyone to survive. 

Places to visit from this episode

Odaiba’s Beach 


Where Arisu and Usagi end back up at the beginning of the episode, unable to find The Beach. This manmade “beach” is one of the few "beaches" Tokyo has, but most Tokyoites go out to Kanagawa or Chiba for better beaches and waves.

Toshimaen Amusement Park

Where the animal hunting game occurs and the players must kill 4 different wild animals including a tiger.

Unfortunately Toshimaen closed down in 2020, but will reopen in 2023 as a Harry Potter theme park. Check out the street view from 2011.

The Beach: Royal Oak Hotel

The outside of the hotel is Royal Oak Hotel in Shiga. It borders Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, instead of the sea at Odaiba like the work suggests. Unfortunately this hotel is also now closed

Check out this street view from 2019.

The Inside of the Beach: Nankin Shirahama Resort Hotel 

Nanki Shirahama Resort Hotel Official Website

The inside of the hotel, especially the scene where everyone gathers at the lobby to get their game assignments, as well as where the final game begins, was filmed at Nanki Shirahama Resort Hotel. It’s paired with a golf course. 

Episode 6: Hatter’s Demise (Kabukicho)

One day, when Hatter goes out to play a game to extend his passport, he is killed and there’s an immediate power struggle at The Beach. It ends up with Aguni and his militants in charge. 

Arisu is tricked by Chishiya into trying to steal the cards from the executive members. They lock him up somewhere, forcing him to wait out his time on his passport, unable to win extra time for himself. Meanwhile, Chishiya steals the cards and tries to leave with Kuina, only to discover that the entire hotel has become the venue for the ten of hearts. They have 2 hours to find “the Witch” who killed Momoka, one of the players. 

Places to visit from this episode

Most of this episode takes place in the hotel so there’s hardly any new spots, except for Kabukicho, a huge part of the nightlife scene in Tokyo.


Where Hatter goes to play his final game and meets his demise. There’s a flash of the Yunika Vision, a large screen that plays various entertainment media throughout the day.

Hatter arrives at the entrance of an alley in Kabukicho, but not before the main sign to Kabukicho Ichibangai is flashed. This is an iconic entrance arch to the area. 

Episode 7: Ten of Hearts (Inside the Hotel)

The game becomes a bloodbath as they hunt for The Witch who must be burned in the firepit outside. Aguni is willing to kill everyone in order to find the Witch, to which his militants happily comply. 

Usagi and some friends including a girl named Asahi try to rescue Arisu while the bloodbath rages on and a fire breaks out in the hotel. 

Meanwhile An is doing police work in order to find the culprits and Kuina joins her. Last Boss comes to threaten them, and Kuina decides to be the one to fight him. Chishiya and Niiragi fight on the roof of the hotel. 

Usagi and friends barely manage to rescue Arisu in time, and he tries to figure out the mystery of the Ten of Hearts before everyone is killed. 

Places to visit from this episode

Again, much of the episode takes place inside the hotel. 

However, there's 1 notable spot. 

Portopia Hotel

Kuina's fight with Last Boss actual takes places inside Kobe's Portopia Hotel in one of their event venues called Keynotes

Kobe Portopia Official Website

Unfortunately not open to the public unless there's an event going on. But Kobe is a lovely city to visit! 

When the rest of the survivors are about to be killed, Arisu appears and confronts Aguni. 

Aguni confesses that he had to kill the Hatter out of self-defense. 

Hatter truly believed that collecting all the cards will be the ticket out of Borderland, and it caused him to become so dedicated to the cause that he is ruthless about people who break the rules in his hotel - such as people who try to hide their cards. 

Aguni tries to tell Hatter that the Beach is no longer meaningful. But Hatter considers him a traitor and tries to kill him.

After the confession, everyone figures out that Momoka had killed herself after Asahi reveals that she was a dealer all along and is killed. While everyone works to take Momoka's body, Niiragi appears to try to kill the survivors. However, Aguni takes Niiragi down into the fiery hotel. 

After successfully ending the game and leaving The Beach, Arisu and Usagi follow Asahi’s videos left on her cellphone to find the dealers headquarters. The videos reveal that dealers had to create games to kill players in order to survive. The dealers headquarters are underground in the metro tunnels. Once they find it, they find all the dealers dead. They also run into Chishiya and Kuina who also found the headquarters. Mira, who was in on it all along, comes on the screens and announces the next stage of the games.

They walk out onto Shibuya Scramble once more, where it all began, to find a large sign announcing the “Next Stage” and blimps with face cards across the city. 

Places to visit from this episode

There's various spots seen in Asahi's videos. 

Cat Street

Omotesando (by the back entrance to La foret)

Entrance to dealer’s headquarters: Entrance to "Minami-Aoyama Station" which doesn't exist

The hatter’s shop: Hat-Tsujino

Before the Hatter came to Borderland, he was an actual hat shop owner. His shop, Hat-Danma, is actually a real shop in Kawasaki, Hat-Tsujino.

Shibuya 109


And of course back to Shibuya at the end, with a shot of the iconic Shibuya 109 building with an ominous blimp hovering near it. 

And that's a wrap of the locations from Season 1!!!

Season 2


Season 2 began streaming on December 22, 2022. 

The survivors from the first season appear again to play more games, now based on the face cards, to see if they can get out of Borderland. 

Without further ado, here's a recap of Season 2 and some of the iconic locations each episode was filmed in! (Many unfortunately cannot be visited at this time.)

※All screencaps taken from Netflix Japan's YouTube videos on Alice in Borderland Season 2. Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

Arisu, Usagi, Chishiya and Tao are waiting in the middle of Shibuya Scramble Crossing for the next game to start for an hour. The moment that the survivors from the Beach arrive, gunshots come out of nowhere and people begin dying all around them. Confused because there was no explanation as to the rules of the game beforehand and terrified for their lives, they race through Shibuya trying to get away. They see a blimp carrying the King of Spades sign coming closer as they run.

Luckily An and Tatta come to their rescue with a car, but the King of Spades manages to come after them. They figure out that the King of Spades has made the entire city his game arena. They barely manage to escape after an epic car chase with An at the wheel, eventually wrecking the car and getting separated from An and Chishiya as a result. 

Once safe, Arisu and Usagi rummage through a convenience store for food and supplies. There, Arisu tells Usagi that he wants to go back to the real world with her, but she shocks him by saying she doesn't feel the same as the real world has nothing left for her. 

The next day, they figure the only way to escape from the King of Spades is to play another game. They choose the furthest location, by the harbor, and there they run into Niragi, who survived from the fire at the Beach. The game for the King of Clubs begins...

Filming Locations from this Episode

Like episode 1, most of the Shibuya scenes are filmed at the Ashikaga Scramble set in Tochigi. 

But you can catch glimpses of the overpass between Shibuya Scramble building and Shibuya Stream as Arisu runs from the King of Spades. 

But actually most of the car chase scene was filmed in Nagoya and Toyama cities. 

This is the street they used in Nagoya.

While this is the one they used in Toyama. This shot is the spot where their escape car flips over. 

Episode 2: King of Clubs (Shipping Dock)

In episode 2, Arisu and his team which includes Niragi have to play against the opposing team led by Kyuma.

They are surprised to learn that Kyuma and his teammates were a band, and they are now citizens of Borderland. Whichever team loses will die. 

Basically the goal is to have more points than the other team by the end. Each start with 10,000 points, and they can divide the points however they like among the 5 members of the team. The points are shown on their wristband, but is a secret to the other team. When 2 members join hands, their points combine.

There's several ways they can get points including Battle, which means touching a member of the opposite team (the person with more points wins 500 points from the other person), finding hidden items in the containers, and also if they manage to touch the other team's homebase without being touched by the guard there who is invincible (if successful, they can get 10,000).

Arisu is determined to get answers about Borderland from Kyuma, but Kyuma says Arisu has to give this game his all first. 

Things go well for Arisu's team at first until Kyuma's team pulls a stunt that leaves one of their own dead but 4000 points in the lead over Arisu's. They do their best to get back points, but it's looking grim for them...

Filming Locations from this Episode

Unfortunately, you can't visit as this is an actual shipping dock, but these scenes were filmed in The Port of Kobe which has various container terminals. There are many shipping docks in Japan, but there were reports of people seeing Yamashita Tomohisa, who plays Kyuma, in this area for filming. 

Episode 3: Mutual Respect & Jack of Hearts (Prison)

Episode 3 opens with Tatta's backstory, where he works as a car mechanic who accidentally injures a coworker due to carelessness. It begins to affect his mental state in the present, believing that he's useless.

With only 8 minutes left in the game, Kyuma's team believes they will win. However, Tatta makes an unbelievable sacrifice, allowing Arisu to triumph over Kyuma when they talk and shake hands. 

Unfortunately, Kyuma leaves Arisu with a devastating realization that people who manage to win all the games become citizens of Borderland. Tatta also dies from blood loss. 

Meanwhile Chishiya is playing the Jack of Hearts game in a prison. All players must wear a collar that has a mark on the back - heart, club, spades or diamond. They must ask other people to tell them the mark, then individually go into cells to answer their own mark in the last 5 minutes of the round. If they answer correctly, they move on to the next round, and their mark will change. If they answer incorrectly, they are killed on the spot. Thus, they must be willing to trust the people they ask about their mark. However, there's an imposter (the Jack of Hearts) among them, who will do anything to get them to distrust each other.

Although people team up to help each other, seeds of distrust are sown and people start dying one by one. Chishiya must survive but the person he trusted can't take the game of betrayal anymore and eventually gives up, leaving Chishiya is a terrible situation.

Filming Locations from this Episode

Unfortunately, this one is currently being turned into a hotel and can't be visited until it's done (scheduled to open in 2024), but this iconic brick building is the Nara Former Prison. 

Episode 4: Purpose (Setagaya Community)

The first third of the episode continues the Jack of Hearts game in the prison. Chishiya attempts to befriend the survivors so he can get someone to tell him his mark. 

Chishiya manages to somehow accurately guess his final mark, but in the meantime, the remaining players - who are determined to take over Borderland - manage to weed out the imposter, the Jack of Hearts. 

The rest of the episode is about Arisu trying to overcome his sadness over Tatta's death. Kuina sets off to look for An and Chishiya. 

Usagi manages to cheer Arisu up and they begin to hunt for food. However they happen upon a campground community (which we find out later is on the edge of Setagaya, a ward in Tokyo) who has been massacred by the King of Spades. They find an RV that has camera footage taken by Kaito, a cameraman, who managed to document what he saw in Borderland since arriving. The King of Spades arrives and hunts Arisu and Usagi who get separated in the forest. 

A high school girl named Heiya finds Arisu, and he's surprised to reunite with someone he knows from the Beach, Aguni.

Filming Locations from This Episode

While shots are shown in the documentary around Tokyo, there aren't many identifiable shots.

Unfortunately no details of where the Setagaya Community scenes was filmed have been found. We will update when we find out! 

Episode 5: Queen of Spades (Power Station)

Aguni reveals to Arisu that he intends to kill the King of Spades. 

There's a flashback to Heiya's old life as a popular high schooler, before she gets transported to Borderland. Her first game is at the National Stadium, which she must escape as it is destroyed. She injures her leg in the process and does everything she can to survive. 

Usagi finds a boy who lost his parents and is on the brink of visa expiration. She wants to help him survive. 

Aguni, Heiya and Arisu set a trap for the King of Spades, but are all nearly killed by him when he outwits them. Arisu decides to search for Usagi after getting separated from the other two. He finds the city overgrown with weeds and moss on the buildings. 

We see glimpses of Kuina playing the Jack of Spades game, while An is still searching for the edge of Borderland. 

Arisu and Usagi joyfully reunite at the Queen of Spades game, where they must play a game of tag to keep the child Usagi found earlier alive. However, the queen's team is strong, winning more and more people to their side until only Arisu and Usagi are left on their team...


Filming Locations from this Episode

The Queen of Spades game was filmed at Hibikinada Thermal Power Station


Another iconic spot is Kokuritsu Kyogijo or the National Stadium in Tokyo, where Heiya is thrown into her first game. 


Arisu also sees an overgrown Shinjuku in his search for Usagi. 

Episode 6: King of Diamonds (Supreme Court)

The first half of the episode finishes up the Queen of Spades game, where Usagi and Arisu must convince the other players that they can win and go back to the real world someday. They manage to get back all the players onto their team, defeating the Queen after an intense fight. 

An discovers that the edge of Borderland is just wasteland, and there's no way out, so she decides to return to fight. 

Chishiya finds himself in the King of Diamonds game, only to find that the King is Kuzuryu, one of the head members at the Beach. The game is to choose a number from 1 to 100. The average of all the numbers picked by the players is multiplied by 0.8, and the person closest to that number is the winner. The losers lose 1 point. Anyone who gets loses 10 points is killed. 

We find out that Kuzuryu used to be a lawyer, but was unable to carry out his sense of justice in a twisted world with loopholes for the wealthy. Kuzuryu spent his time in Borderland trying to understand the worth of one life. We also find out that Chishiya was a doctor, whose hospital prioritized surgeries and organ transplants for wealthier patients deemed "more important" to society. 

Filming Locations in this Episode

The outside of the Supreme Court where Chishiya plays against the King of Diamonds is of course the Supreme Court of Japan. 


Episode 7: King of Spades (Back to Shibuya)

An and Kuina are reunited and we see them play the Queen of Clovers game. We also see glimpses of other games not played by our main characters. 

When there's only the Queen of Hearts and King of Spades left to defeat, the players make their way towards Shibuya for the final showdown. 

Niragi challenges Arisu and Chishiya to a fight. Arisu is reluctant to agree, but Niragi shoots at them and Chishiya ends up shot to save Usagi and Arisu ends up shooting Niragi.

The King of Spades arrives, and Arisu and Usagi are able to reunite with Aguni, Heiya, An and Kuina. They come up with a plan to take him down, which involves luring the King of Spades into a drugstore filled with flammable gas and setting off an explosion to kill him. 

However, the King of Spades takes down and leaves most of them barely hanging on to their lives, before the final explosion takes him down.



Filming Locations in this Episode

This episodes takes us back to Shibuya, especially at the base of Shibuya 109, where Arisu and friends take cover while trying to decide how to take down the King of Spades.

The drugstore they try to lure the King of Spades into is Sundrug in front of Shibuya 109.



Episode 8: Queen of Hearts (Shibuya Sky)

Arisu and Usagi confront Mira, who is the Queen of Hearts. All they have to do to win is play and complete 3 rounds of croquette, not even having to win. However, Mira takes her sweet time, frustrating Arisu. 

She invites them to sit down for tea after round 2. She ends up presenting false scenarios as to why they are there in Borderland, manipulating their memories.

However, Usagi is able to see through her mind games and tries to get Arisu to see the truth. He is able to fight past her mind tricks although he almost gives in, and they are able to defeat her.

The truth is that the day Arisu and his friends were in Shibuya, a huge meteor strikes the area. Everyone in Borderland were those on life support, fighting to stay alive, with Borderland serving as a sort of purgatory. People could choose to stay in Borderland at the end or wake up in the real world without the memories of Borderland. 

Usagi, Arisu, Chishiya, An and Kuina choose to wake up in the real world, and they find themselves recovering at the same hospital, back to strangers. However, Arisu and Usagi meet once more and feel a connection, prompting them to start a conversation. 

Filming Locations in this Episode

And last but not least is the Queen of Hearts, filmed at Shibuya Sky


Shibuya Sky is definitely worth a visit!!! 


And that's a wrap for Season 2 and this incredible series! We hope you're able to visit lots of places on this list!

First published: Dec 20, 2022
Updated: Jan 24, 2022


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