Moe’s Mart, An Itsy Bitsy Convenience Store


“Let’s go shopping at the convenience store! Oh? Everything is so small!” That’s because these are miniatures! The incredible detail makes them look so real. Seeing the photos, you’d think this is a normal photograph of a convenience store in Japan. 

These miniatures are made by Moe, the creator behind Moe’s Mart or Tiisai Mono Club (小さいもの倶楽部) in Japanese. Moe is a miniature artist that specializes in creating miniatures of convenience store products out of resin clay. 

Her ready products are available on Yahoo Auction and Booth to purchase. However, they are incredibly popular and are quickly snapped up by miniature collectors looking to expand their collection. I recommend creating an account, if you don’t already have one, to follow and get updates whenever they are restocked. Or follow her social media for updates too: Twitter (@moe_0802), Instagram (@tiisaimonoclub). 

Real or miniature? It’s real.  

Moe’s Twitter account is particularly interesting! Her Tweets include posts about her everyday and convenience store foods she eats. And since her own miniatures of convenience store foods are so realistic, it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart! You can also get glimpses of the behind the scenes making process of making these miniatures. 

Real or miniature? It’s miniature! 

1 Yen Coin for Size Comparisons

Moe’s miniatures are made at a scale of 1/12 of the original size. Considering how detailed the miniatures are, this is an incredible feat and can’t be easy. It must surely take lots of concentration and attention to detail to pull this off. Moe typically uses 1 yen coins as a scale for size comparison of her miniatures.

Let’s look at some of them. 

Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Patches

Individual Ice Creams


The Delicate Process

Making miniatures is a delicate and fine process that can be time-consuming. Let’s look at these fruit sandwiches made by Moe as an example. The first step is to create the individual “ingredients”: bread, fruit, and even the wrapper. 

After the separate parts are made, the fruit sandwich is assembled carefully and held together with glue

Finally, the sandwiches are wrapped in sandwich plastic wraps. “It’s all in the details,” to give it a realistic convenience store fruit sandwich look, the plastic wraps are printed with “Moe’s Mart” logo, product name, and instructions on how to open the plastic wrapping. 

Though not of these fruit sandwiches, here’s a Youtube video posted by Moe on the assembly process of a salmon bento. 

Miniatures of Convenience Store Shelving & Displays

The individual miniatures of convenience store food and products are incredibly impressive by themselves, but when arranged into likewise mini shelving and displays makes it even more life-like. If you take a photo from up close, you’ll probably mistake it for a real konbini. 

Christmas Sweets Refrigerated Corner

Ice Cream Freezer 

Onigiri & Bento Section

Sandwiches & Salads

Hot Food

The “Onigiri & Bento Section” and “Sandwiches & Salads Section” above are actually part of a whole miniature convenience store food shelving unit

To Close 

Miniatures have always been fun and interesting to see, and Moe’s Mart which focuses on convenience store products are especially interesting. Aside from konbini products though, Moe has also tried her hand at other things and scenes. 

Follow Moe’s Mart’s social media for more of her works and updates on her latest creations! If you are interested in collecting her miniatures, then follow her Yahoo Auction and Booth accounts. For business enquiries, submit a form through Moe’s Mart Official Website

Photos provided courtesy of Moe’s Mart 小さいもの倶楽部 (Official Website, Instagram, Twitter).


Originally from Malaysia, came to Japan to study in 2019 and stayed on for work. I love travelling and dream of one day visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan. What I love about Japan is the nature, culture, and food!

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