Hospitality and Hotel Management Job Requirements in Japan


What you need to have and what you need to know

What will you be doing in Hospitality and Hotel management jobs?

Hospitality and Hotel management jobs are divided into several types of work but can be grouped into two: Serving guests and maintaining facilities.

Serving guests refers to attending to them when they enter the establishment, answering their inquiries and generally providing the services of the hotel. These include the waiters, front desk staff, chef and their assistants, employed taxi drivers, and various types of managers.

Maintaining facilities simply refers to those in charge of arranging the rooms and the common areas. They are commonly referred to as housekeepers, the people who clean the place and keep it that way. There are also instances where the mixture of the two responsibilities are given, depending on the contract upon employment.

Hospitality jobs are known to be a good sideline because they are generally flexible. Depending on the agreement, you can make it so that you only need to fill 40 hours per week with a time schedule that is convenient for both parties. It is an excellent way to earn money because you can also ask for more hours. Other than its lenient requirements, the job may also include accommodation and food in exchange for hours. An example is trading 18 hours of work per week (out of 40) for accommodation and food, but you can make up for those hours by working more hours per week. Please note that not all establishments offer this.

The novelty of hospitality work in Japan is that if you are so inclined, you are able to take multiple jobs in a single week. Those who want to have an extra source of income can easily take part time jobs such as these.

What you need to be and have

You will need a Working Visa and other legal papers. Establishments in Japan are strict about following the law. Depending on the job you want to take, you need to be at least a high school or college graduate. Some jobs also require that you have graduated in relevant fields.

The required number of years of work experience may vary from job to job. Housekeeping work typically requires at least 1 year of experience. Jobs that attend to customers and guests may need at least 1 to 2 years of experience. Different types of jobs may have different thresholds needed but 2 is a safe number of years to have.

Japanese language skills need to be at least conversational level. Basic jobs only require that you are able to understand instructions - for this you must be able to communicate at least. You might need to cooperate with staff and some guests may occasionally ask for directions, so knowing the language is very useful and is a basic requirement. Do not be discouraged even if you do not know the language - there are a lot of Japanese language programs available before and even while working.

Available jobs and type of employment

Available Jobs and their specific needs

Front desk staff, concierge and other similar jobs require that you are able to speak the local language well. The job has regular contact with customers, so you need to understand them to be able to attend to their needs.

Housekeeping jobs are people who can pay attention to details. You need to be able to work without being micromanaged and told what to do every time.

Other kinds of jobs may have very specific qualifications. A taxi driver needs to know the area well, have a valid driving license in Japan and the appropriate skills. A chef or cook needs to know the local cuisine and native tastes. The specific requirement depends on the type of work you wish to enter.

Full time employee and part time employee

Most Hospitality jobs have lax requirements but good salaries. Hotels and similar establishments are also generous to their employees by offering them various bonuses and compensations. They may come in form accommodation, food, transportation allowances, uniforms and others. Most full time employees are also given access to facilities to enjoy themselves at set hours. It is also not rare for staff to be given discounts on the services offered by the hotel. Note that though it is easy to enter these kinds of jobs, there exists a high level of expectation in the part of the employer. There may be training to maintain or improve the quality of work because the standard of hospitality jobs in Japan is ranked among the best in the world, and they want to keep it that way.

Because of its lenient requirements, hospitality jobs are also a popular source of extra income for college students. After securing a working permit, and as long as it is not against law, students may work up to 28 hours a week.

What they are looking for

Experienced in the field

Hotels and resorts in Japan are always looking for people to fill important positions. Veterans are people who can adjust and adapt to any kind of problem, effectively solving it in the shortest amount of time. Because of the importance of the work, it is a must that the applicant must be weathered, hardened and used to this kind of work. The higher the number of years of experience you have, the more qualifications you have for different kinds of job.

Able to speak English and Japanese well

Japan has no lack for international establishments and landmarks. Tourists flock the country every year and they need people who can converse with these people. Being able to speak English well means that they can hire you to be a front desk staff or other position with ample interaction with foreigners.

You are also expected to be able to speak Japanese at the native level for managerial and similar positions. Such a job represents the establishment - for that you must be able to do it splendidly. Dividing up tasks need to be precise to avoid misunderstandings and at times talk and console guests about their grievances.

Other than English, knowing other languages may also add to your credentials.

IT knowledgeable

Having relevant IT knowledge is a big plus for those applying to managerial jobs. Office systems and other software can make work more efficient. The management can easily view reports and is essential for effective planning, micro and macro-management.

All You Need to Remember

Most hospitality and hotel management jobs have lax requirements but the establishments maintain a strict standard in training to keep the high quality of work. Hospitality jobs are generally flexible and are well suited for people who want to earn extra money. They are a good source of experience to start a good foundation be it you are planning to shift to a different industry or stay for a long term financial stability. If you are looking to start working in Japan but do not know where to start, hospitality jobs are the way to go.


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