Flash A Smile; Dental Braces Initial Cost and Maintenance in Japan


Braces are literal investments for a better smile, but having braces is more of a process than an instantaneous result. There are different types for different needs, and some may be more suited than others. Learn more about dental braces in Japan and know which one is for you. 

Know more about dental braces           

Orthodontic braces serve to correct misaligned teeth and jaw problems. Usually applied during younger years, these correctional equipment are expected to remedy improper growth of teeth that causes long term issues in eating, smiling, and speaking. Primarily composed of wires, brackets and elastic bands, braces are applied to either or both jaws. The application of braces is dependent upon the recommendation of the doctors. Before dentists administer putting braces on a patient, different check-ups and assessment should be done in order to determine the appropriate correctional instrument. In Japan, the dental health sector has adapted to the emerging techniques and strategies of orthodontics in the global stage. Since then, they were able to utilize the existing types of braces in their services. The following are the five types of orthodontic braces in the country: 

· Metal braces – the cheapest type of braces composed of brackets and metal wires. Metal braces are applied to correct misalignment in an apparent manner as it is worn on the external part of the teeth.

· Ceramic braces – similar to metal braces but is made of a ceramic material that blends with the color of the teeth eventually.

· Invisalign – the newest type of orthodontic braces with less noticeable materials as it is composed of plastic.

· Lingual braces – similar to metal braces in composition but distinguishable in its feature of being worn inside of the teeth.

· Self-ligating braces – similar in terms of appearance with metal braces but distinct in its use of clips rather than the commonly used elastic bonds.                                                                 

Fundamentally, orthodontic braces are dental devices that work through applying constant pressure to the teeth to align them. Follow-up check-ups and monitoring are necessary to keep track of any improvements or issues about the correction. The entire duration would be dependent upon the severity of the dental condition. Maintaining braces is easy if there is proper dental health practice. Braces are prone to unnecessary plaque build-up which means that correct brushing and flossing are needed to maintain it in good condition. Some kinds of food should be avoided, as well. Foods that require strenuous chewing such hard fruits, chewy meats, and even some bread may cause unwanted pressure that may damage the braces. Also, chewing gum must be avoided. 

Dental Health in Japan           

Since the 1960s, Japan has been continuously making health care accessible to everybody. The government programs that contributed to the vigor of the health care system led to tangible results. Dental health, of course, is not separated from the benefits of the equitable health care system. In 2016, there were  82 dentists for 100,000 people in the country, one of the leading figures worldwide. This translates to better dental health care delivery to the people in the country. Studies show that there has been a constant improvement in the overall dental health of different cohorts ranging from youth to elderly.   

(※) National Center for Biotechnology Information, "The Oral Healthcare System in Japan"

The dental health program of Japan is very accessible, making it a desirable country to obtain various dental health treatment and care, including orthodontics. Although some may find acquiring braces is expensive in other countries, Japan somehow sets a different expectation. With its National Health Insurance program, there is a huge reduction in terms of health care costs. 

Getting Braces in Japan 

The National Health Insurance expands the health care access of the people, including dental health. Although the insurance system isn't directly applied to orthodontic services such as braces application, it could be applied to other aspects of the treatment, including restorative treatment and oral surgery. Subsidizing the cost for up to 70%, the patients could reduce the burden of payment. Based form Aspen Orthodontic Clinic, orthodontic braces in Japan cost between ¥300,000 to ¥500,000, covering all the procedures and tax inclusive. The payment mode could be done via installment or cash. Some clinics would prefer cash because it could give up to a 20% discount on the total prices.

※ Aspen Orthodontic Clinic Japan, "Orthodontic Treatment Fees"

For individuals considering undergoing orthodontic correctional procedures, the price may depend upon the age of the patient. Considering how the complexity, possible severity, and the condition of the teeth, in general, could be determined by age, dentists gauge the assessment differently for young people as compared to adults. Also, the materials that will be used will be adjusted as well due to the size of the mouth. This indicates that as the patient grows older, there is a huge chance that the materials that will be needed in the correctional process will be more as compared to a younger patient. Lastly, the type of braces needed could also change the prices of the whole procedure. Dentists will recommend the best braces for the patient upon assessment.  



The consciousness of the present age towards appearance could set expectations among the people of different races, culture, and upbringing. Misaligned teeth could be seen as unconventional nowadays as the trend of smiling for cameras quickly gains a habitual status. The commendable health care program in Japan could offer a fine opportunity for individuals who wanted to adjust their smiles. It could take time, but the positive results would be certain.


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