Getting Braces in Japan - Cost of Braces and English Orthodontic Clinics in Tokyo


Braces, or orthodontic treatment, is a dental specialty to correct misaligned teeth or other dental issues. If you want to get braces in Japan, this article will guide you through the process and introduce the average cost of braces in Japan. We also introduce several English orthodontist clinics in Tokyo you can visit. 

First Published: 2020/05/15
Updated: 2023/09/28

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Braces in Japan
    1. Are braces covered by insurance in Japan? 
    2. May be Eligible for Deduction for Medical Care Costs
  2. Cost of Braces in Japan
  3. Useful Japanese Vocabulary for Getting Braces in Japan
  4. Recommended Orthodontist Clinics in Tokyo 

Getting Braces in Japan 

Braces, also known as orthodontic treatment, is the dental specialty to align and straighten teeth. This can be for many reasons including for dental health, or for appearance’s sake.

In Japan, braces treatment can be received at dental clinics or specialist orthodontic clinics. Japanese law dictates that someone with a dentist’s licence is allowed to perform orthodontic treatment, which is why many dental clinics provide orthodontic services. 

The cost range to get braces in Japan is really wide. Depending on the complexity of your case, it can range from 100,000 yen to over 1.5 million yen for adults. 

Why the wide price range for braces? 

There are several reasons for this wide price range:

  • Age - there are clinics that offer reduced rates for teenagers and/or children

  • Braces Type - different braces type are priced differently

  • Clinic - every clinic has their own pricing systems in place

  • Condition - how many teeth to extract, severity of misalignment, etc. 

  • Duration - the longer you will need to keep the braces on, the more braces adjustment and maintenance costs will be incurred

  • Treatment Type - full braces or partial braces 

Are braces covered by insurance in Japan?

Under Japan’s health insurance system, insurance will cover 70% of medical bills for eligible treatment. Dental treatment like regular cleaning and scaling, cavity treatment, etc. are eligible for insurance, however not all treatments are insurance covered. For example if you have to get a dental filling, the basic metal filling is insurance covered but ceramic is not. 

Generally, braces are not covered by insurance because it is categorised as cosmetic surgery. The exception is if the braces are performed for medical purposes as part of a medical diagnosis, eg. congenital mouth diseases, significant jaw deformity, and other recognised ailments. Note that you can only receive orthodontic treatment covered by insurance at designated medical institutions.

May be Eligible for Deduction for Medical Care Costs

「医療費控除」is a system that allows taxable income deductions for medical care costs. It applies in situations when your medical expenses paid in a year exceeds 100,000 yen, or exceeds 5% of your annual income for those earning less than 2 million yen a year. To receive the deduction, you will need to file a tax return and submit a「医療費控除の明細書」- Statement of Deduction for Medical Care Costs. 

Though braces are not covered under insurance in Japan, there is a chance it may be eligible for the above deduction. If you received the deduction, make sure to keep the payment receipts for the treatment for at least 5 years as the tax office may request to see them. 

※ National Tax Agency, “No.1120 医療費を支払ったとき(医療費控除)

Cost of Braces in Japan

The cost of getting braces in Japan depends on several factors including braces type, treatment type (full/partial), clinic pricing, severity of condition, duration, and even age.

The cost of braces in Japan for adults can range from 100,000 yen to over 1.5 million yen. In the case of children, they can be divided into 2 price ranges based on whether they have milk teeth left. The cost of braces for children with milk teeth (usually up till 8 years old) is considerably cheaper. 

The biggest factor for the cost of braces in Japan is braces type and material. 

Front Braces (表側矯正 omotegawa kyousei)

The standard braces we all know are attached to the front side of the teeth. On average, people spend 600,000 yen to 1.3 million yen for full front braces for an average of 1~3 years treatment duration. For partial braces, the average cost is 300,000 yen to 600,000 yen for an average of 2 months to 1 year treatment duration.

The material type also plays heavily into the cost of front braces. The cheapest are metal brackets which cost on average 300,000 yen to 800,000 yen, while the most expensive are zirconia and ceramic brackets that can cost up to 1 million yen. 

Lingual Braces (裏側矯正 uragawa kyousei)

Braces that are attached to the back side of the teeth. It is more expensive because each bracket must be custom-made to fit each tooth, and it is also harder to put on. It solves the biggest problem of front braces - highly noticeable. 

The average cost of full back braces is 1 million yen to 1.7 million yen for an average of 2~3 years treatment duration. Partial back braces cost 400,000 yen to 700,000 yen for 5 months to 1 year treatment on average. 

Half Lingual Braces (ハーフリンガル矯正 ha-fu ringaru kyousei)

A combination of front branches and lingual braces. The upper teeth use lingual braces so they can’t be seen, while the bottom teeth use front braces - our lips usually cover the braces up so they can’t be seen. 

The average cost of full half lingual braces are 800,000 yen to 1.5 million yen for 2~3 years treatment; while partial half lingual braces are 350,000 yen to 650,000 yen for 5 months to 1 year treatment. 

Mouthpiece (マウスピース矯正 mousupi-su kyousei)

Though not braces, mouthpiece has become a popular option for orthodontic treatment. Its greatest appeal is that it is removable and also painless compared to braces. On the other hand, it can only be used as treatment in very limited cases as it has low effectivity. 

The average cost of a full mouthpiece is 600,000 yen to 1 million yen for 1~3 years treatment, and 100,000 yen to 400,000 yen for 2 months to 1 year treatment for partial mouthpiece. 

※ Oh my teeth, “大人の歯列矯正の費用平均はいくら?相場・種類別の値段・支払い金額を抑える方法を紹介” [2023.09.26]

Useful Japanese Vocabulary for Getting Braces in Japan

You may encounter many technical terms when researching about getting braces in Japan. Here are some important Japanese words you should know that will also act as keywords for your search.



teeth straightening; teeth correction







waiya- kyousei


wire braces

omotegawa kyousei


front braces

uragawa kyousei


lingual braces

zentai kyousei


full braces

bubun kyousei


partial braces

maousupi-su kyousei











tooth extraction










Recommended Orthodontic Clinics in Tokyo 

There are many orthodontic clinics and dental clinics offering orthodontic treatment in Tokyo. Here are some who specialise in braces, have English services, or have good ratings. 

※ These list of clinics are based off internet research. Please do your due diligence before visiting any medical facility. 

Reiko Dental Clinic

Located in Akasaka, Reiko Dental Clinic’s director is Dr. Makabe Reiko, an English speaking dentist who has studied abroad at the University of Kansas in the United States. Her dental education background includes graduating from Osaka University, as well as Clinical Orthodontic Studies. She also holds seminars on orthodontic treatment and is currently still furthering studies on orthodontic treatments. 

Website :

Oh My Teeth

Oh My Teeth specialises in braces and invisalign treatment. They have 4 clinics in Tokyo - Omotesando, Yurakucho, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and 1 clinic in Osaka. Their clinics overall have high ratings on Google - over 4 stars which is a good sign, and they have also been covered by various media including TBS, TV Asahi, Forbes, Vogue, Gizmodo, and more. However, their services are only available in Japanese. 

Website :

CS Orthodontic Clinic

An English-speaking orthodontic specialist clinic in Shibuya, CS Orthodontic Clinic’s Dr Chiemi Sakaue is a certified invisalign physician and a member of the American Association of Orthodontics. They have 4.6 stars and 235 reviews on Google. 

Website :


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