Osaka Castle: Taking a step back into the past


If you are a fan of the Japanese culture, then this tourist destination can not be left unvisited! Osaka Castle is a castle built fit for a lord with gardens, citadels, moats, and of course, hundreds of years of history with a museum on-site for history enthusiasts.

Features and Attractions

The Osaka Castle alone is a reason to visit Japan which holds over 400 years of history! Visit an authentic Japanese castle built to house a lord. Osaka Castle is known for its observation deck, where you can see the Umeda district, Osaka-jo Hall (a multi-purpose arena), and a fantastic panoramic view of the whole castle park and Osaka city. It has a museum where you will be able to watch historical programs in their movie theater and displays related to the castle's history. The castle's main tower became the center of attraction as it brings out the originality and to symbolize the whole castle.

Nishinomaru Garden holds 600 cherry blossom trees which is perfect for a picnic date while enjoying their beauty with others. Admission of around 200 yen for adults is needed if you want to enter the garden, whether to stroll or to sit and look at the castle from below. A tea house is also nearby for those who want to relax and feel the vibe around this garden.

Try on helmets, surcoats, and kosode kimono and take pictures of your looks in traditional Japanese warrior apparel. Take this opportunity to take Instagram worthy photos! This costs only 500 yen per person at a time, so make sure to have an budget extra when you visit. Some surcoats are designed after Mt. Fuji with yellow and black wool on the background.

Enjoy short boat rides on the Osaka Castle Park and view the towering castle from a natural setting. With its two square kilometers wide space, Osaka Castle has a lot of space and attractions that you can choose from, make sure to make the most out of it! Boat rides would be a romantic date for couples or some fun with your family or friends.

Historical Museum Displays

First timers won't get lost to this beautiful castle because their museum has a handy information desk. For those who want to enhance their experience, audio guides are readily available on the first floor. The museum has eight floors that cater to different historical materials, replicas, and screen displays that give each visitor a glimpse of the past while learning about the culture during those times.

The museum holds the greatest historical materials and artifacts of the Toyotomi period in the country in both quality and quantity. The museum proudly presents these materials as it gives the people visiting a glimpse of an era when the most gorgeous and spirited culture was conveyed. Toyotomi ruled Japan and created this castle, which was the largest castle at that time to become the center of the new and unified Japan. The castle remains the story about Toyotomi to be told by holding an informative museum about the castle's history.

A main theme of this museum is introducing old things in a modern way! This museum uses modern movies and ancient artifacts to display the rich culture and history of the Toyotomi period. The museum maximizes the technology to help people conveniently learn the culture. Presentations with visual effects and narrations with different languages to reach more audiences is what the museum is doing nowadays.

No tourist destination is complete without souvenirs. There are souvenir shops on the 1st and 8th floor for all those who want to buy a gift for others or a memento for themselves. Osaka Castle is recognized as tangible cultural property, a well-known tourist destination in Japan, so make sure to have some memorabilia with you to give to your friends or loved ones back home!

Things to keep in mind

Time your visit for the cherry blossom season. March and April are known to be the best months to appreciate the iconic trees of Japan. It is one of the most popular hanami spots during cherry blossoms season, so make sure to mark it on your calendar! A perfect date for couples is to sit in the park under the cherry blossom trees. Expect a high volume of tourists though during the spring season. The best advice is to visit Osaka Castle in the morning for you to appreciate the symbolic beauty of the cherry blossoms.

Entrance fee for adults is 600¥, and for children under the age of 15, it is free. The operating hours of this castle are from 9:00 - 5:00 pm (last admission is at 4:30 pm). Opening hours extended during certain periods in the spring and summer or check their official website for the latest information. You get free entrance to Osaka Castle Museum, Osaka Castle’s Yagurra Turrets, and Osaka Castle Nishinomura Garden if you have an Osaka Amazing Pass. Osaka Castle Park is very accessible; you can ride public transportation going there or grab a cab. Otemon Gate is the closest gate to Tanimachi Station, which travelers recommend as your nearest entry point to the castle.

Osaka Castle lights up during the evenings bringing out its mystical atmosphere for all to see. The lights make the castle look different and give extra beauty to it. It is clearly visible in the vicinity of Osaka Business Park. The Illumination of the Main Tower starts from the sunset to 11:00 pm. An evening or late night walk around this castle is highly recommended.


Attractions and facilities in Osaka Castle satisfy every age of every generation, so make sure to check them out when you visit Japan. The castle has a lot to offer; choose wisely according to your budget and time. Osaka Castle is one of the country's most beautiful castles. It has many elements associated with feudal Japanese architecture. The castle preserves the history and culture of the people from the earlier era who built this architectural beauty for us in the modern era to learn from it and appreciate it. Choose the right time to visit the castle; however, regardless of whether you're going in the morning or evening time, the castle does not lose its beauty. Your Japan trip wouldn't be complete without visiting this historical landmark.


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