Kyoto Tower: A landmark to last for ages


The Kyoto Tower stands out from the rest of the city, serving as an icon of the mix of Japanese culture and modernization in the most elegant city of Japan. It’s not only a great view of the city but a mix of fun facilities to add to your trip!

The beacon of Kyoto

The tallest tower in the city of Kyoto.

The Tower has a height of 131 meters, which makes it the tallest structure in Kyoto. If you see the Tower, it would mean you are near, or you are in Kyoto. This Tower has an observation deck where you can see and observe the city and its surroundings, but there are also different and many amenities.

You can visit the Kyoto Tower Sando, where you can shop for souvenirs in their market, dine and taste the cuisine and different food of Kyoto, and experience their life and culture through their workshops.

If you are someone who enjoys food and drink trips, visit their restaurant and bars like the Tower Terrace where they serve fresh vegetable dishes and a glass-paneled lounge called the Sky Lounge “Kuu” Bar, which offers wonderful views. Staying at the Tower is also an option as they provide accommodation at Kyoto Tower Hotel.

As a beacon of Kyoto, the Kyoto Tower is also connected to the main JR and subway lines. It serves as a jumpstart to your other destinations in Kyoto as you can easily access and travel to those places from the Tower.

Seen from many tourist destinations

Kyoto Tower stands out among other buildings and can be seen even from afar. If you want to take a picture of the Tower as your background, it wouldn’t be an impossible task. Shosei-en Garden is a great area to take a photo of the Tower, and if you prefer closer shots, you can take the photo in front of the Kyoto Station.

The Observation Deck 

One of the notable amenities the Tower provides to the local and international customers is the observation deck. Its observation deck is 100 meters from the ground, and it gives a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Not only will you have a typical view of a city and its surrounding mountains, but you will be able to have a chance to see different world heritage sites and national treasures which include Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Toji Temple and Chion-in Temple from a height of a hundred meters.

On a clear day, you may even see Osaka through their free to use telescopes. It also offers different townscapes depending on the time and season of your visit. The recommended times to visit during summer and winter are 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning, and 8:00 during the evening. For viewing the sunset, the best time is 7:00 in the evening during summer and 5:00 in the afternoon during winter.

Historical Tower

Kyoto Tower brought a wave of modernization to the area

The Tower was built and had been standing since the year of 1964. In the same year, the Tokaido Shinkansen Line was opened, and the Tokyo Olympics came to be. The city of Kyoto is home to numerous historical and ancient shrines and temples. When Kyoto Tower was built, it brought on and sparked a time of modernization due to its modern architectural design.

The shape and design of the Tower 

If you search online for what a rocket ship looks like and compare it with the appearance and design of the Kyoto Tower, you can say that the tower indeed looks like a rocket ship, and many people who see the Tower say so. However, originally, it was made to resemble a Japanese Buddhist candle and it really does. Try again, and look for an image of the candle, and you can easily see why the tower resembles one.

Dissatisfaction from the locals 

The city of Kyoto is home to well-preserved culture and history. It can be expected that the locals of the city would not approve of building a modern structure such as the Kyoto Tower, and this is what actually happened when the plans of building the Tower were made public. The locals were against it because it would ruin the city’s culture and it would deviate from Kyoto’s history. However, their leaders argued that such projects can and will help the city to flourish and grow as they also saw this as an economic opportunity. The public expressed different opinions and views, but regardless of this, the project pressed on and the tower was built.

Tour the surroundings 

Kansai Tourist Information Center offers excellent information and services to would-be travelers and tourists. 

Open since December 2014, KTIC is the best and perfect place for those tourists who are having a hard time going around the area as it provides the needed information and services. It also helps the tourist get the most out of their trips and make happy and memorable moments.

Near the KTIC, there is a Japanese kimono rental service and a photo studio for dressing up and picture taking.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you wore the traditional Japanese kimono? Here in Kyoto, you will have a chance to live out your dream as you can dress up in a kimono and have your photos taken at a Japanese kimono rental service and photo studio. If you are at the Kyoto Tower or nearby, you can easily go here and have fun dressing up!

A Japanese spa in the area for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing bath after exploring.

Who would not want to have and enjoy a relaxing bath after a day of exploring and walking around? A spa or public bathhouse called Kyoto Tower Daiyokujo Yuu is a great place to rest and relax. Located at the basement 3rd level of Kyoto Tower, this public bath is in easy access to both locals or tourists who want to de-stress and unwind.

Not a Typical Tower

Having survived controversies and criticisms in its construction, the Kyoto Tower is one of a kind. With its height, it is pretty hard to miss, and once you see it, you will want to visit the tower, and your trip would be incomplete if you don’t. From sightseeing to relaxing, Kyoto Tower offers a lot in just one building and it also gives your travel to Kyoto a mix of history, culture, and modernization. It can also be your starting point in traveling to the different tourist spots of Kyoto as it has the Kansai Tourist Information Center, and the Tower being directly connected to the Japan Rail and subway lines. It truly is not a typical tower, at all.


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