Grasp globalization: Study International Relations in Japan

Around the world, numerous educational institutions came up with their unique approach to international relations studies. In Japan, private and public universities alike have their own share of undergraduate and graduate level programs. Introduced are some programs where international students can have the chance to learn international relations in Japan.

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  1. Importance of international relations to a globalizing world
  2. Top offerings in Japan for an International Relations Bachelor’s Degree
  3. Things to remember
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Importance of international relations to a globalizing world

Taking the path to an international relations degree can build a strong foundation for understanding global issues in a broader scope, not only in the present but for the coming generations. The exchange of ties between nations is a significant and essential method to promote diversity in terms of culture, tradition, philosophy, and enterprises, signaling the youth to look beyond their borders for greater understanding.

A basic understanding of International Relations in Japan

The increasing relevance of understanding international relations pushed the discipline to take the pedestal around the world, including in Japan. And Japan has been a huge presence both in the Asia region and around the world.

Japanese involvement with other countries extends far back in history - a lot of religious and cultural influence came from China and Korea after all - and one of the defining moments in Japan’s involvement in the world is when Perry arrived in Japan and forced the isolationist government to open the country to the world. The following Meiji Era introduced a modern administration that was inspired by Western countries in terms of innovation and organization. The government in Tokyo managed the communication of the nation with foreign countries. The economic partnership and the relations then prospered.

And one cannot deny or forget Japan’s role in World War II and the effects that continue to influence interactions not just in East Asia but globally today. Studying the events and the aftermath of the war is essential in understanding the relationships between Japan and other countries today.

Japan as one of the hotspots for international relations study

Every year, the top universities in this country offering International relations degrees have admitted a large number of students from different countries and continents. Japan has inched its way to being the favored grounds to tackle worldwide problems.

Top offerings in Japan for an International Relations Bachelor’s Degree

Japan has widened the scope of international studies programs with the affiliated universities in the country. The top institutions innovatively devised different techniques and methods to engage the students in an excellent understanding of international relations. As you scan further, you will have a total exploration of the different universities offering international relations degrees (as well as Global Studies) in English for both local and international students.

Kyoto University’s Global Studies

The institute has based the study on the fundamentals of international relations, such as the field of political science and worldwide economy. The program’s goal is to orient the students in a comprehensive view of global issues with the engagement of social sciences. Students also have the chance to directly encounter the objectives by taking workshops and immersion in the communities as a stepping ground. The programs established by the Kyoto University of Global Studies is truly a universal interaction since it promotes the proper equipment of students to contribute to the global discussions in the future. This class requires taking Japanese classes and may have some classes in Japanese. 

※ Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Languages, "Department of Global Studies"

University of Tsukuba’s BA in International Social Sciences

The education being provided in the university has been made vital through facilitating the students in developing their skill sets to discuss issues on a worldwide basis including international relations, in small classes. Students can learn from each other, as the major is full of international students from around the world and stands out through its advances in shaping accurately the different disciplines in the minds of the students.

※University of Tsukuba, Bachelor of Arts in International Social Sciences

And Others

Options for Master’s and Doctorate degree programs can also be found at Jasso.

Things to remember

Scholarship programs (MEXT)

Through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, the government of Japan has provided a scholarship program (Monbukagakusho: MEXT)  for students eager enough to study in one of their partner institutions.  

MEXT is applicable to universities such as the University of Tokyo, encouraging researchers and undergraduate students to participate under conditions. Moreover, Kyoto University is also one of the partner institutions of the MEXT scholarship, offering international students the chance to be part of their curriculum. Please be advised that requirements and procedures may vary according to each university affiliate.

You can read more about scholarships here: 

Scholarship Programs Tailored to Help International Students in Japan

The MEXT Scholarship Program of Japan: What is it and how to get it

Career & employment prospects

Good News! Students with excellent capacity and ability to appreciate international studies can anticipate an extensive career opportunity upon graduating from the university. Students have a promising future in the corporate world, given that they have spectacular skills that fit commerce positions in different specialties.

Other international relations graduates can also continue their master’s degree and expect employment in international institutions and can even build a global profession.

Students who have built their foundation in social science, can prepare them in an array of waiting opportunities by utilizing their exceptional ability to understand societal and environmental issues, formulating solutions, and coming up with a stratagem. Employment in the regional and central government sectors, nonprofit organizations, and companies working to better the world and relationships between countries, awaits them upon graduation, which can further enhance their skill sets and techniques to tackle global matters.


Choosing Japan as the ground to strengthen your standard of international relations could be an extraordinary commitment you have taken. The country has unique criteria prepared for students who wanted to be part of the program. Japan has quite a global reputation that leads individuals to come together. Institutions have been affirmed to amplify students' potential to address intercontinental affairs by practical and actual mental and social exercises, enhancing both the students' interactive competence and critical global mindset.

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