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WeXpats School, Who Are We and What Can We Do for You?

WeXpats School specializes in providing service for studying abroad and it is a part of Leverages Group.

I am interested in studying abroad, but have no idea how to go about it.

I don’t know where to choose for my study abroad.

If you ever ask yourself these questions and are wondering about the best way to start your career abroad, please contact us at WeXpats School. You’ll be happy you did!

What Makes WeXpats School Stand Out?

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    Support by Our Professional Agents for Your Stay and Life in Japan

    Leverages, which operates WeXpats School, is a recruitment agency for foreign people in Japan. WeXpats School can take full advantage of its knowhow and the customer base to support you and your life while you are in Japan.

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    Learning Environment with Outstanding Track Records to Lead You to Education and a Job Career in Japan

    Our list of schools includes only the excellent Japanese language schools with a track record of operation over 10 years and with 90% of the students finding a school for further education in Japan. After you graduate from a language school, we will provide you with support to find a job, according to your Japanese language ability. Alternatively, we provide consultation service for those who wish to study in a university, a junior college or a vocational school/professional training college.

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    Free Referral Services and Scholarship Programs to Help You Manage Your Budget

    The cost of studying abroad will add up: from preparation for study before departure to the school fees after you actually start the life in Japan, putting a financial burden on your budget. At WeXpats School, we provide Newspaper Scholarship and Nursing-Care Scholarship Programs with which you are exempt from school tuitions and dormitory fees; Food and Beverage Service Scholarship programs will provide you with a scholarship of 20,000-50,000JPY per month, depending on your Japanese language ability. These financial assistances will help you concentrate on your study worry-free, and lead you to a successful job career in Japan!

What Supports Can WeXpats School Give You?

Consultation Service for Study Abroad

  • Free counseling
  • Information meetings for study abroad
  • Support for interviews with Japanese language schools

Preparation of Documents

  • Preparation and submission of documents to apply for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status
  • Support for obtaining a visa
  • Support for scholarship programs

Preparation for travel

  • Support for staying and living in Japan with a homestay, students’ dormitory, etc.
  • Support for purchasing airplane tickets
  • Advice on what to bring

Support While You Are in Japan

  • Support for handling troubles with school
  • Referral service for part-time jobs
  • Support for opening a bank account and paperwork at a city office
  • Consultation about daily life

Career Consultation

  • Support for your job search in Japan (engineers, interpreters, etc.)
  • Support for your job search with Specified Skilled Workers Visa in Japan (nursing care services, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  • Support for your job search in Vietnam

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Messages from Our “Supporters for Your Study Abroad”

Studying abroad is a life-long asset. For anyone wishing to communicate with people from different countries, it is necessary to learn not only the language of the country, but also their cultural background and the difference in the sense of value. It won’t be easy. But I can assure you that what you will get from the experiences of studying abroad will become a great asset for your job career and for you as a person. In fact, I myself studied in New Zealand and in China. Studying abroad, I believe, gave me the opportunities to learn and experience a great deal in each place I studied, and they are now my great “assets”. We at WeXpats School will help you find a reputable school that best suits you at fair and reasonable fees. You will be supported by our Japanese and Vietnamese staff, so come and see us with confidence!

General Director Shuhei Nishikawa

Since I came to Vietnam in 2018, I met many students and people who are working hard to learn the Japanese language with the aim to study or work in Japan. If you are one of these people, wishing to study in Japan someday, I am here to help you make your wish come true. At our office in Vietnam, we have Vietnamese staff with the experience of studying in Japan as well as Japanese members of staff who are permanently stationed here. All of us will be happy to give you supports you need for learning about the Japanese culture, about living in Japan, and for further education or job searches after graduating from a language school. Looking through to your future path and career for the next 3, 5, and 10 years, let us at WeXpats School help you find a school that’s perfect for you!

General Manager Meyu Ohashi

Although I had many options about my career, I decided to study in Japan to make my dreams come true. While in Japan, I met a lot of young people from Vietnam who had worries and problems about learning the language or about the difference in lifestyle. It made me think then that with my own experiences and knowledge of studying in Japan, I could help and support the young people in Vietnam who are planning to study abroad. I came back to Vietnam and I have been working as a consultant for study abroad since 2015. Please come and see me at WeXpats School. Our staff and I are happy to do anything we can to help you make your dreams come true!

Director, study abroad consulting center Nguyen Thi Ngan

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Frequently Asked Questions

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