WeXpats Forum Guideline

These are the service contents and how-to guide for WeXpats Forum.

  • 1. What kind of service is WeXpats?

    WeXpats is a community site for people who want to live overseas and those who already live overseas. Community members can solve each other`s concerns and worries about each other by sharing their experiences.
    Vietnamese community was released on April 15th, 2019. From now on, we will increase the number of language and community countries, and aim to create a society where all people living overseas can safely play an active role.

  • 2. How do I post questions?

    Ask questions freely about your concerns or questions about living in Japan, whether you’re currently considering it or already living here. People will share their experiences that should address your questions and concerns.

    ■How to post a question
    1.Click on the “Ask a question” on the upper right of the screen
    2.Fill in the title and content
    3.Choose the best category for your question and click “Confirm”
    4.Do a final check of your question ad click “Post”

  • 3. How do I edit my question?

    You can edit your question until someone answers it.

    ■How to edit your question
    1.Click on the “...” on the bottom right of the question you want to edit
    2.Click “Edit Question”
    3.Edit your question and then click “Next”
    4.Check the edited question and click “Post”

    ※You can’t delete or edit a question that’s already been answered but you can add a postscript to the question.

  • 4. How do I delete a question?

    Until someone posts an answer to your question, it is possible to delete a question.

    ■How to delete a question
    1.Click on the “...” on the bottom right of the question you want to delete
    2.Click “Delete question”
    3.Confirm the contents and click “delete”

    ※Once the question has been answered, you cannot delete the question

  • 5. What should I do if no one answers my question?

    Keep in mind the following when you post your question

    ・Make your question very clear in the title
    ・Add details about your situation and what you want to know in the contents of your question post.
    ・Check if your question and sentences are clear and easy to understand

    If there are no responses even if your question follows the above, try requesting an answer.

  • 6. What is “Request answers”?

    “Request Answers” is a tool for you to request WeXpats Forum members to answer not just your question but other members’ questions as well.

    ■How to request an answer
    1.Click on the “...” at the bottom right of the question you want to request an answer to
    2.Click “Request answers”
    3.Check the box of the user you’d like to request an answer from
    4.Once you have decided which user you’d like to ask, click “Send request”
    5.Click “OK” on the confirmation page

    ※You can request up to 5 users for one question

  • 7. Do I have to respond to answer requests?

    You don’t have to respond to answer requests. However, if you have the experience or knowledge to answer their question, please help the other members out!

  • 8. What is anonymous posting?

    If you don’t want others to know that you have asked a question to WeXpats Forum for any reason, you can use the anonymous posting feature. If you ask a question anonymously, the others users cannot see who asked the question.
    However, we recommend users to use their usernames for WeXpats Forum. The members of WeXpats can better answer questions by taking a look at the user’s profile page, so there is a possibility that the question is difficult to answer without knowing the profile of the person asking the question or that the answers don’t quite answer what the person was looking for. In order to prevent such situations, we recommend that you post on WeXpats Forum using your username.

  • 9. What is the “Bookmark” feature?

    You can save questions you like using “Bookmark”.
    When you “Bookmark” a question, you will get a notification every time the question is answered. You can also see all the questions you “Bookmarked” on My Page.

    ■How to use Bookmark
    1.Click on the “” at the bottom left of the question you want to bookmark
    2.If you would like to remove a bookmark, click on the “” once more

  • 10. What is the “Useful” feature?

    You can save helpful answers by using “Useful”.
    If you click “Useful” on an answer, you can see all the answers you marked as “Useful” on My Page.

    ■How to use Useful
    1.Click the “” on the bottom left of the answer you want to mark as Useful
    2.When you want to unmark a question, click on the “” again

  • 11. How do I post an answer?

    Please use your experience to answer other members’ questions. Each and every person’s voice will help the WeXpats Forum members.

    ■How to post an answer
    1.Click on “Answer” on the bottom right of the question you want to answer
    2.Fill in your answer and click “Confirm”
    3.Check the contents of your answer and click “Post”

  • 12. How do I edit my answer?

    You can edit your answer if you click to see to see the answer under the question.

    ■How to edit your answer
    1.Click “” at the bottom right of the answer you want to edit
    2.Click “Edit answer”
    3.Edit your answer and click “Confirm”
    4.Check the edited answer and click “Post”

    ※Please be aware that you cannot delete your answer.

  • 13. How do I edit My Page?

    By utilizing all the features of My Page, people will be able to better rely on your answers and you may have more active interactions! Try to be as detailed as possible on My Page!

    ■Account image
    Choose an image for your account

    ■Profile Settings
    ・Account image
    Choose an image for your account
    Fill in your name
    Introduce yourself in this space
    Fill in your birthday
    Fill in your gender
    Fill in your profession
    Fill in what organization you’re a part of
    Fill in links to the sites (blog, etc) you manage and/or your SNS accounts

    ■Overseas residence history Settings
    ・Click on the countries you have lived in and fill in the month and year you moved there

    ※The month and year you left a country will be determined automatically

    ■Categories of interest
    ・Choose the categories you are interested in

  • 14. How do I change the setting for notifications?

    You can change the setting for notifications from “Notification”

    ■How to change notification settings

    1.Click on “Notification” at the top of the page
    2.Click on the the desired notifications and click “Save”

  • 15. What should I be aware of when using WeXpats Forum?

    The members of WeXpats Forum are all in this together. Please use WeXpats Forum keeping in mind the promise to rely on and help each other out.

    Thus, the following are banned on WeXpats Forum
    ・Hate speech
    ・Bullying and harassment
    ・Making a profile with a false identity
    ・Infringing on intellectual property rights or individual rights
    ・Behavior with ill intent・Illegal behavior

    If you see a violation against the guidelines and terms of service, please report it by filling out the contact form. If you violate the terms of service, your posts may be deleted, your activity may be limited or you may be banned from using the service.

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