[Tokyo] Experience Traditional Metalworks Crafting! Make Art by Hitting Metal


「鍛金 tankin」or “hammering” is a traditional metalsmithing technique that allows the craftsman to freely change the appearance of metal by hitting it with a hammer. Because of the method’s simplicity, it has a long history and has existed in Japan since the Yayoi period when many metalworks were produced such as weapons, daily items, and works of art. 

If you want to experience metalsmithing, ARTIS in Otsuka, Tokyo offers workshops / classes. They offer 2 plans; a 1-day experience class, and regular classes divided into several sessions. For the 1-day experience class, beginners are welcome to join just to enjoy the experience. The regular classes however, are more suited for those who want professional guidance to make elaborate metalworks. 


Photo Credit: ARTIS

”Why not try making something for your loved ones?” is stated on ARTIS’s official website, the hands-on classes lets you create silver rings and copper plates that make great gifts. If you have a partner, you can make it a date and take part to make paired rings together. 

Located in the city center, ARTIS is easily accessible. Looking at past works by regular class participants will inspire you to be creative and perhaps even join the regular class. 

The hammering technique allows you to create various shapes with limited tools, as long as you have the skill. There are some parts that may be difficult to overcome in the experience class due to time constraints, but I think it is a great opportunity to learn about how fun and unexpected the properties of metal can be.


Photo Credit: ARTIS

1-Day Experience Class (Advance Reservation Required)

  • Silver Ring : 6500 yen (7000 yen during Christmas season)
  • Copper Plate : 6500 yen
  • Tin Small Plate : 7000 yen
  • ※Please check availability through email or ARTIS Official LINE Account. 
  • ※ Please check official website for further details.
  • https://www.atelier-artis.com/workshop/trial-lesson/


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