Japanese Motif Inspired Nail Art by sana


Nail artist sana has been making beautiful and unique nail tips, many of which are based on Japanese motifs. Sana's designs have caught the eye of many, and we want to introduce just some of their beautiful and intricate original designs. You can get a taste of Japanese culture as well!

With 43,000 followers on Twitter and 13,000 followers on Instagram, it’s clear that sana's designs are loved by many.

And the surprising thing is, sana is completely self taught. They started in April 2021, so at the time of this article, it’s almost been two years. 

Here’s a tweet comparing some of their old designs with their current ones at the 1 year mark (in April 2022) since starting their nail art journey. 


Sana even does collaborations with and is an ambassador for certain nail art product shops. Sana will promote certain nail polishes or nail art products by using them in original designs. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at sana’s beautiful nail art designs. 

Traditional Japanese Style Motifs

One of sana’s popular tweets is this one, a showcase of various original traditional Japanese style nail art designs. You can see mizuhiki, the traditional Japanese knot, as well as traditional Japanese flowers like chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms. The color schemes remind one of patterns on a kimono. 


sana often showcases them in the following way, simple but elegant. 


Here is one in a moss green tone. 


Many clients use these designs for their coming of age ceremony when they turn 20 in Japan. Here are some past orders designed by sana. These were also designed to match the client’s kimono


Here’s one of a different taste, using the traditional Asanoha motif in white. 


And while not traditionally Japanese in origin, this chidori goushi (as known as Hound’s tooth) design is quite popular in Japan. Perhaps the colors sana uses here make it seem more Japanese in design. In addition, sana sometimes posts these guides on how to make certain patterns on Twitter.


Next, let’s take a look at some seasonal designs, often influenced by what is seen and experienced in Japan during the year. 

Here are adorable winter snow bunnies in 2 different styles. 


Here are winter / Christmas nails. I love the wreath and the tree!


Personally, I really like sana’s summer designs. 

For example, these beautiful summer fireworks as well as the traditional pattern of water balloon yoyos used in games at summer festivals.


Sana even demonstrates how to create the traditional yoyo pattern. 


Other popular summer patterns and things associated with summer in Japan are goldfish and hydrangeas, depicted beautifully here. 


And of course, it’s not autumn in Japan without colorful maple leaves

Popular Food & Drink Products in Japan

Here are some beloved food and drinks in Japan. Sana’s ability to recreate them so realistically and in a way that looks delicious is amazing!

31 Flavors Baskin Robbins 

Horoyoi Cocktail

Shaved Ice

Cute Candies called Sakuma Drops

Melon Soda

Cute and Impressive Designs

Last, we wanted to showcase some personal favorites that don’t fall in the above categories but should be appreciated for how cute, beautiful and intricate they are!

Strawberry Shortcake

Look at how cute the bow is, and the strawberries in various states.

Chocolate (for Valentine’s Day): 

These look good enough to eat!

Some Sophisticated Designs 

For those that prefer more chic designs rather than cute, these are a must-see. 

Color chart

And last but not least, it’s nice to be able to see the same design in various shades and colors, and the way they’re showcased is so nice! 

To Close

Currently, sana is not taking orders, but they continue to update new designs on their social media accounts, much to the delight of their many followers. Make sure to follow them to keep up with their beautiful work! 

Photos provided courtesy of sana (Twitter, Instagram)


Born in Japan, grew up in Los Angeles, living in Tokyo. Love: Movies, (mostly pop) music, hunting for good Mexican food. My kryptonite: 漢字&期間限定 (kanji & limited time offers)

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