Feel Japan's Seasons with Stone Valley工房's Handmade Accesories!!


These gorgeous Japanese seasonal keychains are all handcrafted! Check out these and many other handmade accessories by Mito at Stone Valley工房.


Mito from Stone Valley工房 (kobo, which means studio) makes handmade accessories using resin and beads. Her huband then takes photographs of her work, and the two of them form Stone Valley Kobo.

Mito's work can be used in necklaces, keychains, and more! Seasons, traditional Japanese landscapes and animals are often themes in her work. 

She's even won prizes for their work, such as this one which won the Grand Prix at the 14th Pandora Awards. 


Let’s take a look together at some of her work. 

Seasonal Cat Accessories

As a cat lover myself, Mito’s colorful seasonal cat keychains are what caught my eye. 


The details of each one, with carefully chosen backgrounds reflecting the seasons and traditional sceneries in Japan - and of course photos taken at the best matched spots - made me immediately want to see more of her work.

And if these weren’t pretty enough, I was stunned to find out that they glow in the dark!!! AMAZING!

You can enjoy it one way during the day, and then at night, you can imagine looking at this view in the moonlight. 

Personally, I really love the green one with the bamboo!


Foxes in Autumn & Other Seasons

Another animal often featured in Stone Valley Kobo’s work are foxes. 

How adorable are these sleeping foxes covered in momiji (maple) leaves?? 

But if you’re more of a spring person than autumn, there’s a sakura cherry blossom version as well!


Or how about a fuji (wisteria) version? There’s something for everyone! 


And here’s another cute fox item. 


It’s a mischievous fox holding playing cards! Don’t expect a fair game though as it might have cards hidden up their sleeves (or more like, under their tail??) 

How to Make Accessories

Stone Valley Kobo also has a few tutorials on their website showing the basics of how to make certain handcraft accessories. 

For example, this page has step by step instructions showing how to make a resin-based accessory using a frame, including what materials you will need.. 

There’s also a video tutorial if that’s easier to follow!


I’ve never made an accessory from scratch, but watching these makes me want to try! 

Other Fun & Beautiful Past Designs

In addition to the designs I introduced above, here are some of the other accessories that caught my eye!


Pretty butterfly keychains that glow!

Adorable penguins with a whole beach scene on their bellies

Watermelon goldfish?? How are they so cute?!

Perfect for rainy season! Hydrangea snails

Blowfish spitting out a mouthful of water

This one makes me laugh because it’s quite a different taste than the others - and it’s just so funny to look at!


Goldfish Uchiwa

Uchiwa are handheld fans, and goldfish are a symbol of summer, so this bookmark (which can be made into a keychain as well) is perfect for summer! 

Shaved Ice

Looks tasty enough to eat right?? Another one for summer! 

Accessories inspired by Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

These aren’t for sale, but as a fellow fan, I couldn’t not include it! This Kimetsu series is ongoing, so make sure to check her Twitter to see the new designs for different characters!!

To Close

As you can see, Mito from Stone Valley Kobo has made a large variety of accessories in the past. You can really feel the various seasons and traditional aspects associated with each in her works. 

Want to get your own like me? You can actually buy Mito’s work, even from overseas! 

Her accessories are posted on Minne, an online shop popular for handcrafted accesories and the like. Again, you can buy items here both in Japan and abroad too!

Due to the popularity of her work, a lot of them are sold out. Make sure to check back, as new accessories are uploaded! (A hint as to when is the date written in the description on their Minne page!) 

Check Stone Valley工房’s Twitter, Instagram and website for the latest information, newest works and more! 


Photos provided courtesy of Stone Valley工房.


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