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This time, we will introduce Chuo Computer & Communication College (中央情報専門学校) in Saitama Prefecture. The school has an 「IT・Web Course」 for those aiming to become system engineers, a 「Business Design Course」 to develop business professionals who are not limited by occupation or industry, etc. courses, and has an excellent record of graduate employability with listed (well-known) companies. 

Every year, the majority of students have succeeded in finding employment, with an astonishing 99.2% successful employment rate in 2021. The secret lies in the school’s support system which provides kind attention to each student and their unique methodology that logically approaches the “Japanese Job-Hunting Process”. 

IT・Web Course

The course starts with the basic foundation for information systems and trains students up to the level of the national IT examinations. Through practical lessons based on what companies are looking for in candidates, students acquire skills that are advantageous for finding employment, and cultivate both “creativity” and “thinking” skills which are important to have for system engineers. 

There is also a full range of home-schooling tools that can be utilised outside of school, enabling students to develop skills that match their own interests. For that purpose, an annual presentation event is held at the school where students can showcase works that reflect their individuality. 

AI Project Course

The course aims to develop talented individuals who understand the characteristics of AI, which has gradually been introduced into many industries, and to utilise AI to resolve problems in various industries.

To this end, students and teachers work together to study the basics of AI technology, and through repeated discussions examine the potential of AI in business. 

Business Design Course

The course aims to cultivate in students the knowledge, mindset and communication skills necessary in conducting business in any industry. 

In collaboration with companies, managers and recruiters are invited to deliver lectures and give lessons on “What talent companies are looking for?” Students can learn the basics or advanced knowledge of business management, such as marketing and law, which will be a useful asset when job hunting, or when returning to their home countries to start business. 

Some students obtained 11 different certifications while at school! Method to getting a job in a Japanese company

In Japan, the hiring of new graduates tends to focus on character traits such as communication skills, motivation, honesty, and sincerity. Although different companies look for different types of people, personality is often the determining factor when it comes to hiring rather than professional ability. Many companies are looking for someone who can listen attentively to their seniors and superiors to work hard and learn their jobs. (Reference : 「企業が求める人物像アンケート 2022年版」)

So, how can you show and appeal to recruiters that “I am a hardworking and earnest student”?

Chuo Computer & Communication College recommends students acquire certifications to appeal to Japanese companies - like equipping weapons to prepare for battle. 

「IT・Web Course」- Certifications to Aim For 

  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination (基本情報技術者試験 )

  • Information Technology Passport Examination (ITパスポート試験)

  • Information Security Management Examination (情報セキュリティマネジメント試験)

  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer

  • Java™Programming Skills Qualification Test (Java™プログラミング能力認定試験)

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

「AI Project Course」- Certifications to Aim For 

  • Python 3 Certified Engineer Basic Examination (Python3エンジニア認定基礎試験)

  • JDLA Deep Learning for GENERAL (G検定) 

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • Data Scientist Literacy Level Test (データサイエンティスト検定リテラシーレベル)

  • Practical Programming Engineer Skills Qualification Test (実践プログラミング技術者試験)

「Business Design Course」- Certifications to Aim For 

  • Foreign National Employment Management (外国人雇用管理主任者)

  • Promotion Planner (プロモーションプランナー)

  • Promotion Producer (プロモーションプロデューサー)

  • Practical Business Skill Examination (ビジネス実務マナー検定)

  • The Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors (サービス接遇検定)

  • Secretarial Skills Test (秘書検定)

  • Nissho Bookkeeping Test (日商簿記検定)

  • Examination in Document Design (文書デザイン) - Microsoft Word 

  • Spreadsheet (表計算) - Microsoft Excel

※ are certifications that all students are required to take as part of class. 

The above list is just an example of some of the certifications that can be studied at Chuo Computer & Communication College. In addition to these, the school supports numerous other certifications to match various career paths, and there are students who have acquired 11 certifications in 2 years! 

The number of certifications on your resume is clear proof that you have spent much time on studies. Even if the certification does not directly relate to the job you want to do, there is no company that will undervalue your efforts. 

In fact, students of the「Business Design Course」 have found employment in various industries such as trade, retail, hotel, food and beverage, and some of them have been employed at listed companies. It can be said that the method of acquiring certifications has proven to produce results.

Of course, the employment results of students of the「IT・Web Course」are no less impressive. Projects begin immediately after school starts, so students have a portfolio of their own work ready to face job-hunting. Together with the various IT certifications you’ve acquired, you can objectively convey how hard you’ve worked during your student days to the company. 

There are many student-led events as well, such as organising project presentation competitions and filming a school introduction video, which is ideal for those who want to experience student life in Japan. Some companies value active participation in these activities, so in a sense, these can also be considered a type of employment support. 

Inviting Special Lecturer to Give Classes Tailored for Students’ Individual Needs

As can be seen from the successful employment rates across different industries, part of Chuo Computer & Communication College’s charm is their “support system that pays close attention to each student”. 

In response to the wishes of a small group of students’ interest in a particular field of work, the school specially invited a lecturer from outside to give a lesson. They also sought cooperation with job placement services that are strong in the field, earnestly providing employment support to students.

As part of this, WeXpats Guide’s operating company Leverages was also invited to the school to conduct a class for students preparing for the “Specified Skilled Worker Test”. 

As the lesson was held just before the exams, the class was conducted in a practical manner with students tackling past year questions. When difficult questions were presented, students were given the chance to give hints and help each other answer, which created an environment where students could work together towards a common goal.

The lesson conducted that time was about “Specified Skills”, but Chuo Computer & Communication College also supports students job-hunting for listed (well-known) companies. This is because employment in listed companies offers various benefits when applying for a work visa.

When aiming for a listed company, you will need to overcome intense competition. Another of the school’s attractive features is its implementation of systems to help students achieve their high goals, which includes full-fledged etiquette and manners lectures, interview preparation, and internships at partner companies, among others. 

Not sure what to do but want to study in Japan? Choose Chuo Computer & Communication College!

Chuo Computer & Communication College is recommended for those aiming to become system engineers, as well as those who are happy to work in any industry. 

In addition to test scores, the school’s entrance examination also focuses on character traits like communication skills, willingness to learn, and ability to maintain discipline. In other words, they check entrants' aptitude for working in Japan. If you are able to pass this test, you are sure to do well in your job hunt after studying hard at this school. The application period for the general entrance examination is October 2, 2023 to March 18, 2024. 

Entrance Examination Information


Saitama Prefecture, Niiza City, Tohoku 2-33-10

Nearest Station

5-min walk from Shiki Station

Number of Students

IT・Web Course : 90
Business Design Course : 50

Official Website



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