The International University of Japan Provides International Students a Stepping-stone into Japan

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The International University of Japan is designed to cater to the needs of international students planning to study in Japan. It is a foothold for those yet to learn the language but desire to study in the country. The university is both a start and end for pursuing higher education.

Information about the International University of Japan

Founded in 1982, the International University of Japan (IUJ) had a set goal in mind. Globalization is inevitable, and those who can recognize the tides of change often benefit from it. The university aimed far and wide, harboring to cater to international students while at the same time designing programs preparing students for contending in the global stage. The curriculum specifically seeks to provide students with knowledge, expertise, and essential skills in politics, economics, and management, things needed to allow them to glide smoothly towards success.

What exactly is the International University of Japan?

International University of Japan (IUJ) is located in Minami Uonuma-shi City in Niigata Prefecture, three and a half hours northwest out of Tokyo, enclosed by impressive, attractive mountains. UIJ is considered as the first and oldest graduate school in the country, an ideal place to learn for young men and women of different nationalities offering all its courses in English, thus attracting thousands of talented international students from all over the world. There are two graduate schools offered in IUJ, one founded in 1982 and the other in 1988. For almost four decades and counting, IUJ has never stopped embarking its vision to promote quality education.

The first school is the Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR) and the second is the Graduate School of International Management (GSIM). Both schools offer business-related courses that can be taken up in two years meant to mold students to be internationally minded. Some of the programs offered by respective schools are as follows;

Graduate School of International Relations (GSIR) 

  • International Development Program (IDP)

  • Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP)

  • International Relations Program (IRP).

Graduate School of International Management (GSIM)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).

What makes the International University of Japan different from others?

IUJ is not only a place of learning, but it has also served as a second home to foreign students. With the homey design and ambiance of the campuses, foreign students are provided with a comfortable setting to experience what Japan has to offer. Students from all over the world live together in dormitories which gives them the opportunity to interact and connect to people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. These established connections and interactions are vital to promoting a cultural understanding that IUJ has envisioned.

Aside from these, here are some factors that set IUJ apart:

  •  Language of Instruction

As the oldest English-based graduate school in Japan, 100% of its regular courses are offered in English, thus attracting numerous international students. Thus knowing Japanese is not imperative; however, IUJ also offers various levels of Japanese language courses for those who wish to develop their Japanese language proficiency.

  • Outstanding Faculty Members

Almost all of the international faculty of IUJ have earned their doctoral degrees (Ph.D.) at the best-known schools in the US and Europe, thus ensuring its students well-equipped educators.

  • Diverse Community of Learners

Thousands of students choose to study in IUJ, originating from hundreds of different countries, and different cultures - the university manages to accommodate them, earning the title of "mini-United Nations."

What makes International University of Japan a great environment for foreign students

       An excellent setting for cross-cultural interaction

IUJ greatly welcomes international students who desire to study in Japan. Aside from ensuring a high-quality education, the university also provides an educational environment in which the students can learn about Japan. Foreign students can live together with Japanese students in the dormitories. This arrangement is great for foreign students to be personally introduced to Japanese society and culture. As students live together in these dormitories, they can interact and spend time with one another and learn how to accept and respect each other’s cultural differences and embrace diversity.

Aside from this, IUJ also aims to develop intercultural understanding and dissuade interpersonal conflicts among different cultures by providing students with proper education and awareness to the students while studying at the university, traits necessary to produce effective and efficient global leaders.

University clubs

There are various clubs and activities that students can participate in and join in at IUJ. These clubs are designed to cater to the different interests and hobbies of its students while staying at the university and also promote interaction between students of all backgrounds. For example, they have sports clubs for specific students with interests in badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis, aikido and more.  For hobby clubs, they have chess, photography, bands, and other groups for cultural activities. For career-related clubs, they have finance, entrepreneur, public speaking and more. If you can't find one that fits your interest, the International University of Japan encourages students to create a new one. 

Advantages acquired for the future by studying at the International University of Japan

IUJ has equipped the campus with top of the line facilities that are specifically designed for students of the information era. IUJ has provided students with the most advanced information and communication technologies. One great example of this is the superb Matsushita Library and Information Center (MLIC) that allows students to keep pace in this quickly changing global and technological age. 

 Global recognitions and post-graduation career

IUJ is recognized in the world, and its Graduate School of International Management (GSIM) has already received recognition of its quality education, even at global standards. Proof of this is being within the Economist's "Best Business School" global ranking, to which it is the only one in Japan to date, and as well as accreditation from AACSB International.

AACSB International means "Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business", their accreditation is a global standard of excellence that most business universities desire to have, and IUJ has precisely this.

After graduation, IUJ can still help its students because of their solid reputation, as it is not rare for exemplary students to be wanted by top corporations within and outside Japan. The university has the "Global Partnership Program", linked with more than 55 major corporations in Japan. Other than this, the university also helps students through career advice and job search assistance, effectively helping them prepare for their future. Even fresh graduates can also expect that the university may help them start their own companies.

※ The Economist, International University of Japan – Graduate School of International Management

Success in producing globally competitive graduates

IUJ has a proud history of producing globally competent and international-minded graduates. As of September 2018, IUJ has produced 4, 388 global leaders who are now making great contributions to the global community. These outstanding graduates from 129 countries across the world are evidence that IUJ has been successful in doing its mission and is continuing to do so.

※ JDS - The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid, "International University of Japan (International Relations/PMPP)"


Japan is a great “student destination.” So, if you are thinking of studying abroad, why not choose the International University of Japan? Because if you do so, be guaranteed an excellent quality of education, with international standards accreditations, and a multinational and multicultural learning environment in an ideally located campus. Enroll at IUJ and be the global leader that the world needs today!

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