Soka University, An International University in Japan


Japan has produced many colleges that contend in the global stages in terms of their quality of education, and Soka University is one of them. Learn more about Soka University, an International school whose first campus is in Japan.

What you need to know about Soka University of Japan 


 Daisaku Ikeda, a Buddhist philosopher, educator, and peacebuilder, founded the Soka University, Japan, in 1971. Ikeda, whose efforts have been widely acknowledged all over the world, established the University with three founding principles namely:

  1. to be the highest seat of learning for humanistic education,

  2. to be the cradle of a new culture and

  3. to be a fortress for the peace of humankind (※)

※SOKA University, “University Founder” “Mission Statement”

The term "soka" means "value creation," which aims to foster students to lead a useful and meaningful life in society. Soka University started with just three faculties, namely Economics, Law, and Letters. Still, as time progressed, the University became well known, and to date, it now has several more faculties both in the graduate and undergraduate school. The distinguished faculties of Soka University now include Business Administration and Education, Engineering, Nursing, and Liberal Arts. Soka University is famous for honing students by letting them discover their passions, teaching them the values of their skills, and supporting them to improve their talents and abilities. 

Soka University is located in Tokyo, Japan. Being an international school, it aims to bridge mutual understanding over the divisions of ideology, nationality, religion, culture and to seek out viable solutions to global problems. Among the humanistic education culminated by Ikeda was for the students to strengthen their emotional and mental capabilities based on these two guiding principles:

  • "For what purpose should you cultivate wisdom? May you always ask yourself this question!"

  • "Only labor and devotion to one's mission in life gives life its worth."(※)

※Soka University, “Mission Statement”

Achievements and Statistics

Soka University has students from around 61 countries and has approximately 8,000 students. The University is well known for its considerable number of passers for licensure examinations. In fact, during the September to December 2018 examinations, 359 people passed the Judicial Examination, 240 passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination, and 219 passed the Tax Accountant Examination. Every year, it continues to produce professionals and talents, which inspires them to improve their educational system even more. It also boasts its library, which contains over a million books, and its raw job opportunity shows a prospective number of listed companies of more than 2,300 companies. In Soka University, a Career Center exists to assist students not only in securing the occupation of their dreams but assist those who remain unsure of what vocation they want to pursue.

※ Official Soka University website, About Us page, Statistical Data

Last 2014, Soka University Japan was nominated for the "Top Global University Project" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology due to its efforts to adapt to globalization and its determination to connect bonds between citizens all over the world. The increasing demand for English Medium Programs prompted the opening of several courses in English, where students from different countries can earn academic degrees and master's degrees. Among the accomplishments acquired by the University was that it was granted the highest rank of S in the Interim appraisal by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology in 2018. 

※ Official Soka University website, “Soka University Obtains Highest Appraisal “S” in the “Top Global University Project” Interim Appraisal”

Annual Events and Activities

Soka University Japan hosts several activities to let the students experience their best stay at the University. To kick off the start of the school year or the season, the University arranges welcome parties and gatherings, especially for international students for them to deepen their relationships. Campus life for students is not only challenging but is also enjoyable. There are activities such as orientations, new year's party, tours, and others. The most popular among its activities is the Annual Soka University Festival. During the festivity, many individuals visit to witness the amazing presentations such as concerts, exhibits, booths, and other events that highlight the participation of students in the extracurricular activities. This activity is anticipated every year because it provides amusement and satisfaction for those who witness and join them. 

Campus life in Soka University Japan is very conducive to learning and is enjoyable just like other top universities in the world. There are different clubs, school organizations and group activities to help the students enrich their lives. It has its own student body association and it organizes a bunch of gatherings for the students to make the most out of their student life. As a matter of fact, it has a wide range of sports, academic and cultural clubs to specifically cater the interests of the students and to better enhance their talents and abilities.

Reasons why you should choose Soka University

An International School

Soka University Japan is popular for accepting multinational students and is known for having international exchange partnerships with around 218 universities in 61 countries/regions from all over the world. Yearly, it can send about 870 students abroad. The level of education offered by the University is beyond compare, and this is proven by the number of listed companies offering them jobs. Not to mention, the University itself has its career guidance system to enlighten the students and give them the best choice to employ their capabilities. The yearly activities prepared for the students are also beyond comparison as it enables them to learn and at the same time, enjoy the best things the University has to offer. The institution is open to all qualified students without regard to their religious affiliation.

※ Official Soka University website, About Us page, Statistical Data

Reasonable Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

Soka University Japan is known for being humanitarian. They take into consideration the financial capabilities of their students. The tuition fees of the school are competitive in comparison to other schools offering the same courses. It also offers scholarships to the needy but intellectuals. Soka University runs a scholarship system for international (foreign national) students enrolled in the school to minimize their financial strain. It is offered to students who meet the required academic standards.

How to enroll in Soka University online for International Students


All interested students can visit the official website of Soka University, Japan. An online enrollment form is also provided on the website for the students to fill-up. Students are required to accomplish all the required documents and are expected to read the guidelines indicated therein carefully. Upon accomplishment of all the requirements and upon choosing the required mode of payment, the details of the tuition fee, dormitories, and other fees will be given to the students three months before the enrollment. For international students, when the application for enrollment is successful and the necessary fees are paid, a request for a "Certificate of Eligibility" by the University will be filed through the Bureau of Immigration who will then issue a "Letter of Acceptance." The student will now acquire a "student visa" status on their Japanese Visa. International students are strongly advised to directly consult the consulate or embassy in obtaining the visa since the procedures and requirements are different from among other countries.


Through the years since its founding, Soka University Japan established a name for itself for being committed to humanitarian and quality education. Its principles and ideals created many achievements that are beyond comparison with other academic institutions. The University's commitment to giving the highest standard of education helped its students to discover their true potential while experiencing the fun of being a student. It is important to choose the right University because it will make or break our future, and Soka University promises to be an excellent choice. The quality of its facilities and the skills of the University faculties will surely accommodate the needs and worries of the students.

※ Soka University Official website


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