Introducing 6 Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo and Yokohama (with Messages from the Schools)


Many people attend Japanese languages schools in order to learn Japanese. In this article, we’ll introduce some Japanese language schools in Tokyo and Yokohama, including messages from the staff of each. We hope it’ll be helpful in choosing a Japanese language school. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Japanese language school?
  2. Tokyo World Japanese Language School
  3. Educational Corporation Kagawa Gakuen / Meros Language School
  4. Educational Corporation Asahi Gakuen MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department / Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language Academy
  5. Ikushu International Language Academy
  6. Kichijoji Language School
  7. Yokohama International Education Academy

What is a Japanese language school?

Japanese language schools are specialized schools to learn the Japanese language; people from many countries study at these schools with various goals such as in order to pass the Japanese Language Placement Test (JLPT), to study or to work in Japan, and so on.

However, without the proper knowledge, it’s difficult to choose a Japanese language school among the incredibly high number of them in Japan.

If you’re interested in the characteristics of Japanese language schools and how to choose them, please check out the following article.
How to choose a Japanese School: What it costs and 4 things to look out for

We’ll introduce 5 Japanese language schools in Tokyo and 1 from Yokohama.

A WeXpats Guide writer interviewed each of the schools and received distinctive information as well as a message from each towards people who are looking for a Japanese language school! Let’s learn about all 6 of them and what makes them unique.

Tokyo World Japanese Language School


Tokyo World Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school in Shinjuku area.

The campus is split into the the Main Building, the Second, Third and Fifth Building, so it seems large, but all buildings are accessible within 3 minutes on foot from Okubo Station or Shin-okubo Station.

With over 30 years of experience, the school is distinctive in the way it meets the needs of the students. Each class has a different homeroom teacher, so the needs and goals of each and every students can be individually assessed and met, and it’s an environment where students can be kindly supported by the administrative staff about things related to their life in Japan.

Location Main Building 〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho 1-13-24
Second Building 〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho 1-22-12
Third Building 〒169-0074 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho1-8-15
Fifth Building 〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho1-12-1 1F
Number of Students 1583 students (as of February 2020)
Student Ratio Chinese 51.5%、Vietnamese 37.6%、Korean 4.4%、
Other (includes students from 12 countries such as the Netherlands,
Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Finland, Taiwan, etc.) 
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:42% pass rate
N2:43% pass rate
N3:64% pass rate
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Further education 84%、return to their country 10%、
work 5%、change visa status1% 
(Every student who chooses further education has successfully been able to,
with about half proceeding to vocational schools, and for those that go on to Japanese universities,
some have gone to Waseda, Tsukuba, Hitotsubashi, Ritsumeikan, Chuo, and Osaka University.)

A Message from the Teachers at Tokyo World Japanese Language School

We believe that a relationship between teachers and students are built on trust. In order to do so, we try to create a relationship where we can fully support the student upon listening to what they have to say, think about their situation by standing in their shoes, and the student can come to us about anything. 

In terms of the Japanese education, we create a curriculum that matches each and every student based on their personality.
The teachers try to make fun and easy-to-understand lessons so that the students can enjoy the process of learning, and rather than us telling them the answer, we encourage the students to be able to give the answers themselves. 

We include support and instruction to help students not only in their Japanese ability but to hold clear goals for the future and to be able to grasp things with a wider perspective.

Recently, the needs of international students in Japan have become quite varied. In order to answer those needs at Tokyo World Japanese Language School, we have started a Business Course in addition to preparatory courses for further education. 

The Business Course at Tokyo World Japanese Language School is a class where students who want to find a job using Japanese, go on to a business related vocational school, or go on to study at university can learn business Japanese. The goal is to learn practical skills and practice technical terms that will be used in a business setting, from the basics of business manners, communication within the office, meetings, sales, etc. In particular, our business course includes coordinating with Japanese companies in order to visit their offices, take part in company information sessions and reviewing their company business practices. 

In addition to being recognized as a proper educational institution, we are also members of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education and have over 30 years of history. Our records show that all students who wish to pursue higher education have all done so.  For those that hope to go on to study at a university in Japan or a vocational school, or parents who wish their children can graduate from a university or vocational school abroad, please visit Tokyo World Japanese Language School! 

Educational Corporation Kagawa Gakuen / Meros Language School


Meros Language School is a Japanese language school located near Ikebukuro. 

It provides very warm and careful support for pursuing higher education or work, and there is a preparatory course designated by the Ministry of Education in order to help prepare for university entrance exams. You can study the basic subjects (English, math, social studies, science).

In addition, teachers with specialized knowledge on graduate studies (humanities, sciences, the arts), undergraduate studies (humanities, sciences, the arts), vocational schools and so on, will consult with students one-on-one about pursuing higher education and will help them get into the school of their choice.

Furthermore, the teachers also support students one-on-one in a variety of ways to apply to corporations or IT companies, from creating a resume to doing research about companies to practicing for the interview. 
We also can provide support in the students’ native languages - Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnamese, etc. - and our teaching staff, administrative staff and student guidance staff work together to support the students’ lives abroad. 

Location Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Higashi Ikebukuro 2-45-7
Number of Students 954 students (as of March 2020)
Student Ratio Chinese 57%、Vietnamese 20%、Korean 9%、
Taiwanese 5%、Malaysian 4%、Others
The students are from a total of 20 regions such as Russia. 
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:40% pass rate(88 students passed out of 223)
N2:51% pass rate(240 students passed out of 475)
N3:55% pass rate(90 students passed out of 164)
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Further education 69% Work 14% 
Other(visa status changed to spouse/dependent/designated activities/specified skilled worker,
returned to their country, etc.)17%
Universities: Aoyama Gakuin University, Kyushu University,Kyoto Seika University,
Kyoto University of the Arts,Keio University, Joshibi University of Art and Design,
Senshu University,Tama Art University, Chuo University, University of Tsukuba,
Tokyo University of the Arts,Toyo University, Nihon University, Hitotsubashi University,
Hosei University, Musashino Art University, Yokohama National University, Waseda University, etc.
(March 2020 graduates)

Message from the Teachers at Meros Language School

Perhaps all of you have various impressions of Japan right now, but the way you think about your future may change if you actually come to Japan and learn about many corporations, universities and vocational schools. 

At Meros Language School, we have many things prepared for students - such as special lectures by people from various corporations, universities, and vocational schools, cultural experiences where students can interact with Japanese people, and off-campus learning programs. By providing students with many practical experiences, students can create a clearer career plan and have more opportunities to think spontaneously.

Furthermore, the staff are continuing to study both in and outside the school in order to keep up with the ever-changing information age and to meet the needs of the students by providing many options. 

The biggest goal for the students at our school is to “develop communication skills”, which means having classes that not only help achieve high test scores but also teach “practical Japanese”.
Many options are available once students talk to us about concerns, no matter how small. Let’s make a clear goal and work toward it together! We’re looking forward to meeting you in Japan! 

Educational Corporation Asahi Gakuen 
MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department / Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language Academy

Website: /

Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language Academy is a Japanese Language School close to Ryogoku or Kinshicho. These may be unfamiliar station names, but Ryogoku is only 3 stations away from Akihabara and is quite easy to access.

There is another Japanese language educational organization run by the same company called MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics in Chiba.

This school has courses on JLPT and the The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), and one can prepare to pass the N1 level here. Career counseling is provided here, and students can receive ask for advice about their career, practice for interviews and have documents checked as many times as they need.

In addition, the staff provides support in a wide variety of ways, such as picking you up when you arrive in Japan (if you arrive on the day the school requests), helping to process paperwork at the city hall, open a bank account, or buy a commuter pass, introducing part-time jobs, providing a dormitory for those who wish to stay in one (6 month contract at the minimum, renewable), going with you to the hospital, etc. You can feel at ease even if your Japanese isn’t very good yet.  

After you graduate from the school, you can enroll in the vocational school under the same management if you wish and study IT, business, hospitality, etc.

Location Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language Academy 〒130-0021 Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Midori 1-2-10
MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department 〒270-0034 Chiba, Matsudo-shi, Shin-matsudo 3-440
Number of Students MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics (MIC):247 students(regular quota - 650 students)
 Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language Academy:75 students(regular quota - 120 students) 
※Due to the effects of COVID-19,
the above are the figures from the second year students
only as the new first year students are unable to enter
the country at this time. 
Student Ratio MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics Japanese Language Department(2nd years only)
Chinese 51%、Vietnamese 42%、Russian 2%、Syrian 2%、
Others include students from 7 countries including the US and the Philippines
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:20% pass rate
N2:20% pass rate
N3:30% pass rate
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Most students continue on to vocational schools,
universities and graduate schools.
There are some that go to famous private universities
or vocational schools.
Graduate Schools:
Waseda University, Meiji Gakuin University, Nihon University, etc.
Universities:Keio University, Sophia University,
Toyo University, Kanda University of International Studies, etc.
Vocational Schools:MEISEI Institute of Cybernetics, Japan Electronics College,
Chuo College of Technology,Tokyo Technical College, Waseda International Business College, etc.

A Message from the Head Teacher of the Japanese Language Department

The teachers at our school endeavor to do the following when interacting with students:
・Making the classes easy to understand by giving examples that correlate to the students’ countries of origin when teaching Japan’s rules, etc. 
・Always supporting the students while also expressing thoroughly the importance of “Following the rules”
・Communicating with each and every student in the class equally
・As professional instructors, making sure our attitudes do not change from day to day
・Respecting the students’ independence even if their Japanese is faltering, respect each and every student’s perspective and support them fully in their education, future and life in Japan. 

In addition, the teachers work to find the students’ potentials in extracurricular activities, through local international associations and their events, and the activities and speech contests (local, Kanto regional and national tournaments) of students chosen to be international cultural ambassadors for said associations. 

Our school has many chances for students’ potentials to shine in Japan as the representative of a variety of programs. (The students at this school have gotten first place, second place and many other awards at the national speech contest). 
Let’s study Japanese together while having fun learning experiences!

Ikushu International Language Academy


Ikushu International Language Academy is a Japanese language school located near Okubo. It’s easily accessible from Shinjuku.

The school advises students in how to reach their goals by creating curriculums for each goal, such as getting into a university, graduate school or vocational school, passing the JLPT N1 level, etc. 

Students can learn the 4 skills of “reading, writing, listening and speaking” in a well-balanced way, and practice Japanese useful for daily life through extracurricular activities.

Location Main Campus 〒169-0073  Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho 1-20-24大洋ビル
Second Campus 〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho 1-23-7 Shinjuku Shuhan Kaikan
Number of Students 136 students (as of June 2020)
Student Ratio Chinese 84%、Other 16%
(includes a total of 8 countries such as India, Vietnam and Mongolia)
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:39% pass rate(17 students passed out of 44)
N2:34% pass rate(43 students passed out of 125)
N3:33% pass rate(10 students passed out of 30)
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Further education 80%, work or return to their country 20%

A message from the managing staff 

In order to having a fulfilling study abroad experience, it is necessary to first have a strong and clear goal to study abroad, make a plan to accomplish that goal, and find a Japanese language school that best suits you.

In addition, studying abroad is carried through not alone but with your family, so having your family’s support is also very important. 

If it’s the student’s first time studying abroad, the student will feel uneasy at times and the parents will surely worry. If there are any concerns, no matter how small, please consult the school beforehand.

At Ikushu International Language Academy, there are always knowledgeable staff present, not only in relation to education and the future, but to also help lessen concerns and worries that accompany studying abroad as well as culture shock.

There is a homeroom teacher in every class who, along with the other teaching staff, are always available for counseling, so your first study abroad experience can comfortable and stress-free. 

Kichijoji Language School


Kichijoji Language School is a 30-year-old Japanese language school in Kichijoji. You can get to Shibuya from Kichijoji in 15 minutes.
The at-home atmosphere combined with the professional education makes this school stand out.

The school has tried to create the best learning environment for students by teaching each and every student in detail according to their needs, having well-rounded and experienced teachers, having a thorough curriculum, having career counseling done by the homeroom teacher, and so on.

Location 〒180-0003 Tokyo, Musashino-shi, Kichijoji, Minami-cho 2-3-15-701 
Number of Students 165 students (international students and local students combined)(FY2019 total)
Student Ratio Western Countries 38% (America and Europe, etc), Vietnam 27%,
China 8% Taiwan 6%, Korea 6%, other Asian countries 15% 
※As of March 2020 
Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:75% pass rate (6 students passed out of 8)
N2:60% pass rate (17 students passed out of 28)
N3:73% pass rate (19 students passed out of 26)
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Further Education 78% Return to their country 20%
Work 2% (From the international students of the March 2019 graduating class) 

Message from the Teachers

At Kichijoji Language School, there are students with a variety of backgrounds from all over the world here to learn Japanese and about Japanese culture. These include students who want to pursue higher education such as at university and vocational schools, company trainees, students who are studying individually while working, people who use short holidays to come to Japan, people who want to pass the Japanese Language Placement Test, and so on. 

The teachers and staff endeavor to help each and every student produce the best possible results by being aware of and communicating about the students’ readiness and their current academic situation.

Make your dreams come true alongside fellow students from many cultures with many dreams at Kichijoji Language School. 

Yokohama International Education Academy

Yokohama International Education Academy is a Japanese language school located in the exciting seaside city of Yokohama, just south of Tokyo. And it's only a 5 minute walk from the nearest station, Sakuragicho. 

If you still want to live in the city and have easy access to Tokyo while also having a different experience than those who live and study in the capital city, this might be the school for you!

Location 〒220-0031 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Nishi-ku, Miyazakicho 43 
Number of Students 416 students (international students and local students combined)(as of Nov 2022)
Student Ratio

China 47%, Vietnam 14%, Sri Lanka 13%

Others include students from 18 countries including from Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.  
※As of Nov 2022 

Japanese Language
Proficiency Test Result
N1:61.1% pass rate (11 students passed)
N2:73.3% pass rate (44 students passed)
N3:73.9% pass rate (17 students passed)
Next Steps for
Graduated Students
Further Education 82% Work 11% Return to their country etc. 7%

Message from the School 

Yokohama International Education Academy has been providing quality Japanese language education for over 34 years. Our experience and expertise allow us to evolve with the times and ensure our service constantly meets the expectations of our students and the global community.

As a promise to maintain quality and excellence, we have been certified for both ISO 21001 & 29991.  Language learning services are changing at a fast pace. The certifications ensure our students that we will always strive to maintain quality education.

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and is situated within the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. It boasts a myriad of historic buildings and a robust international port. It is also a magnet for international businesses and global companies. Ask the Japanese people their impression of Yokohama, you will get “stylish” as the word most associated with the city. It is a fashionable and sophisticated city which still manages to maintain its quiet charm. It is a big city without the hustle and bustle usually associated with big cities but instead greets you with open spaces and blue skies. In this marvelous environment, thousands of students have completed their studies and went on to follow their dreams.

Students join us for one to two years in our Standard Japanese Language Course. We not only provide comprehensive learning with equal emphasis on input & output, we also utilize the collaborative learning method. Our Graduate School Preparation Class has a strong track record. Elective classes such as Business Japanese, Project Work, JLPT N1/N2 Preparation, EJU Preparation, Current Affairs & Culture, etc. are also available for advanced level students. Our robust and comprehensive program ensures that students build a strong language foundation for their future.

Students who plan to advance to universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools are provided with up-to-date information and opportunities to attend college fairs both inside and outside the Academy.  For those who wish to find employment, guidance on how to proceed with job search and what to watch out for in obtaining a work visa is provided. Teachers offer guidance to students and follow their progress in the long process.

Admission is 4 times a year: April, July, October, January

Home Page:  (News & Blog section is also recommended)

In Conclusion

We introduced 6 reputable Japanese language schools in Tokyo and Yokohama. We hope it will be a helpful reference when choosing a Japanese language school! 


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