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The Japan University of Economics is not only a place for quality education but also as a place for nurturing international bonds. Having programs and facilities that cater to the international audience, the university in itself is a global community.

Information about Japan University of Economics (JUE)

Basic History and Background

Over the years, Tsuzuki Gakuen Group has become a major supplier of higher education in Japan that has produced six universities and twelve junior colleges and vocational schools. In 1968, Daiichi University of Economics, or presently known as Japan University of Economics (JUE), was established specializing in economics and later on specialized not just in economics but in business and management as well. It currently has three campuses; the Fukuoka campus, Tokyo Shibuya Campus, and Kobe Sannomiya campus. The fundamental philosophy in the education of JUE is to develop the individuality of its students holistically before sending them into the world.

JUE's Economics Curriculum

Mainly built as a university that specializes in Economics, JUE now also teaches other business-related courses, namely Business and Management. Though, with the recent addition, it still mainly teaches Economics.

According to the website of Tsuzuki Education Group, the curriculum in the Fukuoka campus is composed of the following: For the first year of the curriculum, the Career formation program, which consists of a small group, is done for the preparation for SD (Self Development) seminars. Seminars are then taken from second year on, ranging from basic to specialized with a variety of interesting specialized courses for students to take. 

(※) Tsuzuki Education Group, "[Fukuoka] Japan University of Economics Fukuoka Campus"

What makes JUE different from others?

JUE, apart from other schools and universities, solely focuses on business-related courses. JUE also cares about its students' relationships with each other, thus creating a student support group and has clubs and circles that create student bonds. Moreover, JUE makes sure students are comfortable and secure on the campus to make each students' learning experience fruitful and enjoyable. It also has unique programs that students may learn and enjoy. One of which is the Research of Original Schools of English Program (ROSE Program), which allows students to experience the outside world to learn by giving them a month to study abroad. 

Benefits of studying in JUE

Research of Original Schools of English Program (ROSE Program)

JUE believes that in the world today, one must not only learn in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. The ROSE Program allows students of JUE to study abroad specifically, in the United Kingdom (UK) for the UK has been an international partner of JUE for over 20 years since 1996. Students may conduct advanced research on the UK's economic status and culture for them not experience as much culture shock. The UK is an English speaking country; thus, students must at least have basic English knowledge or can speak English. This is because the activities involved in the program, like classes and visitation of historical and educational sites, as well as all interactions with local people are done in English. JUE hopes that participants of the program will learn how to contend and act on the global stage with language and other skills.

Home to different cultures and as an International University

JUE is one of the leading universities in Japan that accepts international students with over 20 nationalities on campus, making it home to different cultures. Moreover, JUE has a lot of international partners, including known universities from other countries, with which they share global viewpoints to make sure students can respect each other’s culture and personality. As an international university, a learning hub with the purpose of promoting international exchange called the International Exchange Center was created to help students and staff with any problems. They also help international students adjust to a new country with a different culture and language, making sure students learn and, at the same time, enjoy their time in JUE.

Supports club activities, and circles

JUE offers a lot of clubs and circles that students can participate in. 

Their clubs and circles include sporting circles and clubs to produce students who have a good balance in intellectual and physical activity. Sporting clubs and circles that students may participate include Football, Baseball, Sailing, Kendo and Kyudo. They also have cultural clubs and circles like the Music Club, the Dance Circle, and the International Volunteer Club that aim to produce a healthy academic culture through the creation of bonds between students through engagement in academic research or cultural activities, and other activities on campus.


Inspired by the ROSE program that aims to educate students through going out in the world to experience different cultures and traditions, ROSE Cafè was created. ROSE cafè offers different flavors from different countries, specifically, neighboring Asian countries. It allows students to experience other countries' cultures through their foods. 


Looking for a place to live that is near the campus can be hard and tiring. That is why JUE offers single-room dormitories to interested students on the Fukuoka campus. Men and women dormitories are separated for the comfort of students. The dormitory for men, the Cambridge House, is the one situated near the Fukuoka campus. The women's dormitory, the Oxford house, is located adjacent to the Fukuoka campus.

English Garden

Situated in the Fukuoka campus, the English garden is created in appreciation for the relationship between British and Japanese universities. The garden is filled with flowers throughout the season and has gazebos, wooden terraces, and statue gardens. The garden is a place where some students find solace when stressed and helps them relax.

Programs offered

Departments and Courses

The undergraduate programs are 4 - year courses that aim to produce students that are confident and globally competitive individuals that could work in the business sector. The University currently has five departments and nineteen courses available for the Undergraduate Program focused on economics.

On the other hand, the graduate program is only available in the recently opened Shibuya campus (opened in April 2012). The program aims to produce flexible individuals that could adapt to the ever-changing economy and society of the world today. It accepts students who wish to further their studies and are currently working. The university opened courses that are available in the evening and weekends to cater to working students. 

Scholarship and Internship Programs

JUE and other organizations offer scholarships to students that could help them aid financially. One scholarship program is the Tsuzuki Salvadorian Scholarship Student Program specifically, for the El Salvadorian students and candidates with OVOP (One Village, One Product) experience only.

The internship is defined as putting an individual in a place where they can practice hands-on the things they have learned in the classroom. JUE had a history of establishing cooperation between academia and the business industry to introduce and implement internship programs. The program starts with a 4-month training in school followed by another training in the partner firm. In addition, the student goes home with valuable practical experience in the industry.


Japan University of Economics (JUE) was built mainly with the purpose of educating individuals in economics, which eventually evolved into a university that teaches individuals with business-related courses. JUE also has unique programs like ROSE and the internship program that students can enjoy and learn from. It’s a home to different nationalities and cultures that caters to students both locally and internationally, which makes sure that the relationships of these students are healthy and peaceful So why not and try applying to JUE where learning can be fun and enjoyable!

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